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The day of the two Charles

Gepubliceerd op 17 februari 2019 om 05:57

On Tuesday baby Charles was brought into Amecet. A small baby, who was too weak to drink by him self. We had to feed him by NG tube. The next day we got all the medical papers and we saw that he was a premature baby, who was born 3 weeks too early. The mother had died because of severe bleeding, the health centre where  Charles was born, referred them to he hospital, but also there they could not help. The baby had already traveled a lot, before reaching Amecet. At first we thought he was doing well, he only vomited  every time after feeding, so we reduced the amount of milk we gave and fed him more frequently, but on Friday morning he had problems breathing.  We went to the doctor and he was started on several IV medicines and we also put him on our oxygen machine. It looked he was doing better, but this morning at around 6.45 am, he suddenly died. It was a shock, there was not much struggle, he just stopped, while still on the oxygen. We had to call the family and get a small coffin in town.


We laid his little body into the small coffin, it always feels as a last honor we can give to him. To wrap the white cloth around him and to put something under his head, so that he will be supported while we are driving over the rough roads.

The family was waiting for us and they thanked us for all what we had done. They were sad, because they buried the mother of Charles only a few days ago.

They showed us the grave and it really touched me, the little hole where Charles' body would be laid to rest, next to the grave of his mother.....

I pray for God's comfort for this family and for the father who is left behind with two small children.

After we had talked with the family and explained what had happened with Charles, we drove back to Amecet. We joined the others in caring and feeding the babies. Then a family came into the Amecet compound, carrying a small baby of 3 weeks old. They told us the sad story, the mother of the baby went this morning to the latrine and collapsed there, they got a motorbike and drove to the health centre, but on the way she died... They don't know of what, they have no idea what was wrong with the mother. The father, when he heard what had happened with his wife, also collapsed, but he didn't die, he was in shock. The family members were concerned about the baby, with everything that was going on and brought the baby to Amecet. When I filled all the papers I asked for the name of the baby..........The baby was called Charles!!!!!

So we have a Charles again! But it was a bit shocking........

This picture is of baby Anna, the little baby girl of Faith. I wrote in the last blog about Faith having labour pains, it was not easy. That same day, after a lot of pain, there was still no progress, Faith got tired and discouraged, she is only 15 years old and the doctor suggested to do a Caesarian operation. After talking with Faith she agreed and I had to sign the papers. We waited outside the theatre for the baby and Faith to come out and a little bit later we got first the baby and a bit later they rolled Faith back to her bed. Everything went well and the baby was 3 kg.!! The doctor told us that Faith would not have been able to push this baby out, the baby was much bigger than they had expected at first. Mother and child are still in the clinic, we expect them to come back to Amecet tomorrow. For now we have a staff member with her at all times. Which is not easy to organize, but the staff is willing to sit with her and to assist her.

Faith and baby Anna will go back to her family when she is stable.

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