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Today was VERY HAPPY day!!!

Gepubliceerd op 19 februari 2019 om 03:06

Today 4 children left us, to live with their new foster families, who were willing to give those 4 children a home and a future!!!! This is a real happy day, all 4 of those children had no family, they came into Amecet with sad stories, but now there is Hope, there is joy and there is a future for each of them! The Probation Officer, Mr. Oluka Amos (at the left on this picture) came to give them officially to their new parents. There was a process before, all the forms are filled, interviews are done, house inspected and today was the official handover.




One of the leaders of Amecet (here Dominique) gives the child to the Probation Officer............






Then the Probation Officer hands the child over to the parents............





Who are receiving very eagerly the child into their arms..........




Little Peter came to Amecet in June 2018. He was brought via Police, people had rescued him out of a pit latrine, where his mother (14 years old) had thrown him. They found out who his mother was and our Social Workers have been trying to reunite him with his mother, but it was impossible. They also tried to find someone in his family, among his relatives to be willing to care for him, even that was unsuccessful. Now there is a new family for him!! We will miss him, we have seen him starting to crawl and now he is walking. He is a very cute little naughty boy, his family loves him and will care for him!.




Silver came in Amecet at the beginning of August. We got a phone call from the village that he was born in the health centre, but the mother wanted to walk away, the mother has a mental problem. We have had 2 other children from the same mother (twins) and these children are also adopted.

Silver is almost 7 months old and he is laughing a lot. He is a little healthy fellow and his new parents are very happy with him. We know he will have a good life with them

Then we have Eliya and Martha, they will go to the same family and will be brother and sister!! This is so special, Eliya is just over one year in Amecet, He came in a very bad condition in our home, he is HIV+ and he was severely malnourished, his mother has a mental illness and Eliya was not safe with her. Now, Eliya is doing very fine, he is on ARV's and he is a very cute little man!!

Martha has been in Amecet for a long time, she came in Amecet in Febr. 2017. Very small, and sick. We have been several times with her to Kampala to a children specialist and the diagnosis was Trisomy 9, a disorder in the chromosomes, she can't sit by herself she can't swallow and needs a lot of care and attention. She is 2,5 years now and we do see progress, but it goes slow, there is a lot inside this little girl , but she needs special help.. And this lovely German couple lost their hearts to Eliya and Martha. They want to give them a future and they are aware of the the difficulties they may encounter. They are willing to live a year in Soroti to foster the two children, before they can adopt them. They are such a nice family and we, as Amecet, are thrilled for Eliya and Martha!!!

So this was a very happy day in Amecet and we celebrate with the families and the children!!

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5 maanden geleden

So good day. Very happy for all the good care Amecet gives too this beautiful childeren.
Must bee quiet now they are gone.

anjo lawler
5 maanden geleden

what a happy day!! After hard days is nice to have such days as well. What a blessing for those kids. It tough my heart to see dear little Martha by her new parents.

Randi Heimholdt Lunde
5 maanden geleden

I am so happy that the children get a home and a good future ,GOD BLESS THE FAMILIES .

Anderson Morris
2 maanden geleden

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