Children traffic and Good Friday

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You might ask what is the connection between children traffic and Good Friday ?  Today we remember Good Friday together as staff and we got a group of 13 girls on our doorstep, they were rescued by the Police, they were being trafficked for child labour....

On Good Friday, we always gather together as staff, to remember what Jesus has done for us, so many years ago. We share the bread and the wine (juice) and we thank God for sending His Son to  this earth to give us Hope again.

We see suffering children and so much injustice, without knowing that God is in control it would be very hard to go on. We always end our time with singing with the African beat...

We got a phone call, earlier in the morning and Simon and I went to the Police station. There was a group of 13 girls from Karamoja, a district North of Soroti.  At a check point, the Police had found them in a vehicle on their way to Soroti. They were going to be working as house girls and in the gardens. Their ages were 5-15!! It is known that many girls end up in other kind of jobs and often sexually abused as well. But little girls from 5, 6 ,8 and 9 years old!! The girls were at the Police station, asked for a statement, which was not easy, they were scared, even when the officers were friendly to them.. I went back to Amecet and we were just finished with our communion and singing when Simon came with the whole group, together with two Police ladies.

We have two Karamajong ladies working with us, they came directly to talk to them. And one of them saw her cousin among the girls. So that helped and the girls were talking with our two ladies. The girls also understand Ateso, the language of Soroti, but our ladies could talk to them in their own language, that was so good. They helped us explaining everything, (like how to use the toilet) that they were not suppose to carry the baby's etc. We tried to find clothes for them and then they all took a bath, we showed them where they were going to sleep and we gave them lunch.  They were showed where they could wash their clothes and now they are playing, on the swings and the trampoline, the older ones are just talking.. The Police will work out with the Probation office what will happen next. At least they are safe and they are cared for. Many young girls from Karamoja come to the cities to find work, many of them are begging on the streets in Kampala. It is a big problem and the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Developments is also involved in this case.

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5 jaar geleden

Jeetje Els,
Wat een geluk dat er politie, Amecet en tolk dames zijn.
Zo verdrietig, deze gebeurtenis.
Op onze reis bezochten we een Karamojo clan.
Respect voor meisjes was nihil. Hij noemde ze ezels en ze moesten praktiseren met baby's op de rug. Ze was zelf net 3 jaar.
We waren heel aangeslagen toen we daar vandaan kwamen.