Memory, Memory and ...memory..

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The 13 Karomajong girls, I wrote about in the last blog, are still in Amecet. They are from a District, North of Soroti and were being transported to Soroti, to work in people's homes, gardens and kitchens. The Police found them in a check point and brought them to Amecet for safe keeping, meanwhile they sorted everything out, We have been getting visitors from Kampala, from their District, from Soroti government, Police, Probation Office etc. But they are still with us and it is not easy. Their ages are 5-15, they want to go and work themselves as well and now they sit in Amecet. Especially the older girls are tough!! Only one of them can read and write, the rest never went to school. But we found out that they like the game Memory..... And now they play Memory everywhere... And they love it. They also play on the trampoline, the swing, but Memory is the favorite!! It is busy, having those 13 girls around, we are not the best place for them, there is not much to do for them. But until the authorities are still talking and sorting them out, at least they are in a safe place. They didn't like to sleep on the beds, they were too soft, and they are so surprised that they get so much food, like 3 times a day....

`Today they wanted to be shaved, Andrew and Emmanuel started to shave them. Maybe they think they are almost moving??

It is not easy for them, and we hope that soon a good solution will be found, for their sake, but also for our sake..

Because the "normal" Amecet ministry is also going on; There were two children brought to Amecet by the Police last week. They were found in the early morning, they were abandoned somewhere along the road in one of the villages... And the rains have arrived, they were wet and cold.... The little girl is around 4 or 5 years old and her brother around 2 years old. The girl knew her name: Joyce and the boy is called Boy, according to the sister. She can't say much more about her parents... So Simon went to investigate in the village.

Then last week we got some people coming to Amecet that a lady died in the hospital, and there was a small child with her.... If we could help, I went to ask in the hospital, but they were gone. An old grandmother had been looking after the lady, but the baby and the grandmother were gone... The nurses told me that the lady died of AIDS and that the child was not in a good condition. I was worried about the child, but what could I do?? Until  3 days later some people came with a small boy of 8 months old to Amecet. They told us that the mother had died, and we found out that it was the child whose mother died in the hospital. His name is David, we already have a David, so he became David 2. We were very concerned about this David 2, his mother had been very sick and suffering from HIV/AIDS. There is a big chance that this little boy was also HIV+... So we went directly to the doctor, tests were done, and we heard that he is HIV NEGATIVE!!!! we are so happy for him, he is just very malnourished and weak!!! So we think he will be fine in some weeks.

We said goodbye to David 1, today!! He was picked by his mother and grandmother, who were so happy to see him healthy and smiling. They told me that David 1 was always crying at home and was feeling miserable. I am sure that he will not cry so much and that he will soon be walking, he is so much more active. So David comes and David goes.....

        David 1 with his mother and grandmother




David 2



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Ach Els. Wat maken jullie weer veel mee.
Mijn hart golft op bij elk bericht van jou kant. Wat doe je fantastisch werk. Je maakt een wereld van verschil voor zoveel mensen daar. Ik bid tot de heilige geest, dat je de kracht mag blijven houden voor een lange tijd. Zie er zo naar uit jullie allemaal te zien in of bij Goes. We blijven 2 nachten na het theater gebeuren in de buurt. Hoop dat we iets op de zaterdag kunnen afspreken voor een gezamenlijke maaltijd of kop koffie. Laat je het even weten of dat zou lukken? Een heel goede reis.