The Bio gas is working!!!!

Gepubliceerd op 11 oktober 2019 om 19:19

In the blog of September 18, you could read about the making of the tank for the Bio gas. How they digged and build the underground tank. We are serious looking into ways to reduce on our budget and one of the ways is to use Bio gas, to cut back on the money we use for charcoal and gas (in bottles). Today we had a lesson from the man who build the system, and Elias, who was the organizer behind it. We needed a separate stove, So in the kitchen, we need still some modification, but it works!!!!!

The first picture showed the man, explaining how to light it and how to regulate the gas flow, he let several staff light the fire and then Elias gave a small lesson how to keep it all safe and tidy. You see most of the staff listening and we hope that it will serve Amecet well. In the outside kitchen, where the cook is preparing in the big pots, we also have Bio gas  now. The cook prepares there the Posho, the beans and the rice in the big cooking pots, while the inside stove is mainly used for boiling water, porridge and at night, the staff who is on night duty uses the inside stove.

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