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Today we had our monthly team meeting, where we meet with the whole staff.  Due to some circumstances, we missed  two meetings, but normally, we have them every month.  We meet with everybody, the caretakers of the children, the kitchen staff, the laundry ladies, the medical staff., the social workers and also the garden staff and the staff who is working in the farm. It is a time of communication and sharing. We have an update on the children, we share if there are short term workers coming and staff changes. It is also a time of discussion, we talk about some issues which are not going too well and we try together to get solutions for some of the problems we have. 

Today we talked a lot about the Bio gas and how to use it. Also how to feed the Bio gas, because it needs one wheelbarrow cow dung per day. The staff tells us about things which are broken or in need of changing.

It is a good time and people share together to see that we improve the Ministry of Amecet.





Every month we have the Manager of the Month. 

We have a daily  Manager, one of the Caretakers who is the manager of that day. She needs to keep the oversight and delegate the work. This is not an easy job, because people are not used to delegate, and to keep an eye on things and to take initiative. We feel it is also a way to teaching them to take responsibility. 

So the Manager of the Month is the one who stood out and receives a small gift. And her picture will hang on our notice board till the next staff meeting!!

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Wat fijn om te lezen dat alles zo duidelijk voor iedereen is. Na overleg en luisteren naar elkaar.
Heerlijk Els, samen de neuzen naar 1 richting proberen te krijgen. Respect.