A phone call with bad news....

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This morning (Sunday) my phone went at 6.30 am. It was Amecet, there was a mother at the door, her son passed away in Soroti Hospital and she had no transport to take the body... It was the mother of Emmanuel Adaun (left on this picture). I telephoned Simon, who knows the family  very well and Simon jumped in the car and drove to Soroti Hospital. he found the body, outside on the veranda of the hospital and he brought the body to their home. later he got a coffin and also brought that to their home. 

We knew Emmanuel for many years, his mother came for help when he was a baby, we have been helping him as an out patient with some nutritional supplements. Emmanuel was HIV+, but because he was living with his mother and grandmother, we helped with outpatient support. In 2014 he came in Amecet., he was already on ARV's, but was not doing well and his grandmother asked for help. The mother was at home on and off.. Since that time we have been playing a role in his life. He has been more than once in Amecet, He sometimes got so sick that he needed a time of healing into Amecet. He was at our Amun weeks,( where the top picture was taken).

We also supported him in primary school, he was in Harmony Primary school and this year he would have been one of our Candidates, to do the P 7 exam...

I was sad this morning, when I got that phone call..... Emmanuel was not a happy person, he was often sick, but he was also bitter and unhappy. He was blaming his mother of giving him the HIV..... Especially in our programmes of the Amun week, where we invite 50 HIV+ children to come for training and encouragement, we often talk about forgiveness. It was too difficult for Emmanuel to forgive his mother.. He liked to be in Amecet, he felt accepted and loved there, but he needed to be out with his relatives and his schoolmates, he could't stay in Amecet......

Tomorrow, we had planned to all go to school and pray for the P 7 candidates, that they may do well with their exams, now, we will go with his classmates, to the burial of Emmanuel.

Dear Emma, may you now find the Peace and the Joy you were searching for, you never knew your earthly father, but your Heavenly Father knows you and has welcomed you Home.....

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What a sad story.
Today I see a movie. So body say in it.
You only ones have too forgive somebody and than you have rest.
So annoying hee couldn't go for that part. For him and his mother.
I am sorry for his death