The Daniels are doing well!!!!

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We have 3 Daniels at the moment and all of them do really good! We call them Daniel 1, 2 and 3. This blog goes about Daniel 1 and 2. They are almost the same age. On this picture Daniel 1 is sitting in the middle. Daniel 2 is the second from left.

It is hard to believe that Daniel 1 was 10 months old, when he was brought to Amecet in Aug. 2019.. He was just over 6 kg., very malnourished, sick, big wounds on his head and body, very dry skin and so miserable. He was brought by his grandmother, the mother has a mental problem and left him in this stage. Nobody knows who the father is. We took him to the doctor and he was put on treatment. We fed him by NG tube, because he didn't like to eat. The HIV test came back positive, so he was started on ARVs. His lungs were still a problem, even after the antibiotics we gave him, back to the doctor and after some more test , they thought he has TB. We started the anti TB drugs.... and yes...he started to gain a little bit, and play a little bit...and now we have a Daniel who gained 2 kg, likes to drink milk more than eat, but eats also, he starts to move around, smiles and plays with the other toddlers (for as much they are not fighting for toys). Between the two pictures are only 3 months!!

Daniel 2 was brought in October, he was one year old. He was abandoned by his mother. He had swollen feet and hands, malnourished, several infections and he was very moody and irritable. Wanted to be carried the whole day. We took him to the doctor as well and he had a very bad malaria and also seriously anemic. he was in need of blood transfusion. we were happy that his blood type was available and he was given a .blood transfusion. His weight was more than 9 kg, but he had to lose some weight as first, because he had edema. He reacted good and loved to eat, He started to play and we saw that he had walked before. He was eager to check everything out and today he is playing and walking all over the place. He is happy, and we see a normal 13 months little boy. Between the first and second picture is one month.

Those two stories are success stories till now, but we are not ready yet... Daniel 1 has to take for 6 months the anti TB medicines, but the ARVs are for life!! We have to start working with the grandmother, is she able to care for Daniel?? Do we need to look for another care giver among the relatives? There is still a lot of work to be done.... 

Daniel 2 is the twelfth child in the family, the mother has left, who will take care of Daniel?? He is lucky that he is not HIV+, but he needs to be taken care of, otherwise he will end up the same way he came to Amecet. This is all still part of our work, Elias and Simon, our social workers are doing all they can to bring children back to their relatives where they are safe and be taken off and where they belong.

But I really love to see the boys playing and being naughty, to see the big change end to know that they have a chance to grow up!!

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