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The children love to jump on the trampoline... The trampoline has been such a blessing in the past years. Children became free  and playful on it  and we were so sad when we had a big hole in the trampoline. It is used so much, we do have rules, normally only 2 children at the time (for the picture we did just four, but that is normally not allowed:))

The hole in the old trampoline became bigger and bigger. We felt it was too dangerous for the children to use it. The older children can still jump next to it, but sometimes some staff go in the trampoline with some of the toddlers, they can not jump, but they love to sit and to feel the movement of the trampoline!

One of the volunteers, Marinda, from the Netherlands, brought a gift from her church and she thought it would be great to buy a new trampoline, as we can not buy any loose parts. 

So today, Elias, Emmanuel and David set up the new trampoline!!! The older children were looking as they set up the whole thing and they were very fast to jump ( as you see on the picture above) as soon it was ready for it.

We kept the parts that are still good, because you never know.......

We have more possibilities to have exercise... Faith loves to ride the bicycle, often with her legs on the ground, but that doesn't matter. Abraham wants to ride the bicycle too, but the bicycle is too big and he refuses the small ones. So he just walks around with it and he is happy!! Than we have Daniel, he is very clever, he let himself push by auntie Remah.....

Then we have the swings, with Ruth and Emmanuel, and also the slide, seesaw and merry-go-round. Jeremiah plays a lot on his own and he also likes bicycles! he walks with the small one up and down. If you offer him to help, he refuses and just walks on...


We are thankful for the new trampoline, it will be a joy for many children to use it. Many of them have never seen one before.. When they are new in Amecet, often it is the trampoline who brings the first smile on their face!!  And next to medical care, food and love is this also very important!

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MJ van Luijk
4 jaar geleden

leuke bestemming voor deze gift! De kinderen zullen er erg van genieten.