Two abandoned children brought back to their relatives...

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Very regular children are brought to Amecet by the Police. This are children who are often abandoned by their parents and someone finds them and brings them to the Police. The Police brings them to Amecet and then together, the Police and the social workers of Amecet, try to find the relatives of the child. This is not easy, we put ads in the local newspaper, posters in the area where the child is found, talking with the people in that area and this time it worked out for two children!!

Daniel was brought to Amecet on November 26, 2019. He was left behind by his mother in  a trading centre in the village. The Police of the village brought the child to Amecet. They knew the father and the mother of Daniel, but they were both gone.

On January 24, 2020 we brought Daniel back to the village and handed him over to the in-charge police officer. They were going to bring Daniel back to his father, his mother was never found.. 

It is a joy to us, to know that a child has a home, where he/she is cared and loved.

We try the best we can, but a children's home is not a Home where a child belongs and can grow up from.

Mary was brought to Amecet on August 8, 2019. We think she was around 5 months old. Her mother abandoned her in a health centre. They knew who the mother was, she has a mental problem, she  disappeared and left Mary behind.. It took a lot of work to re-settle Mary, the mother was unfit to care for her, so we had to find the relatives. Our two social workers did a good job and on the picture left you can see Simon (L) and Elias (R)  handing Mary over to the auntie. There was a lot of joy and even dancing, as Mary was received back in her family. It sometimes takes time, we want to be sure that the child is safe and the family receives the child and takes over the care. This was a happy ending, Mary had gained 2 kg and she was happy and playful.. If we do not succeed to find the relatives, the process is longer. There will be two announcements in the newspaper and if nobody reacts and also all our efforts are in vain, the police and the Probation office (child protection unit) will give green light to us to find a fit family to foster and later adopt the child. This is also a process, forms have to filled , there are interviews, inspection of the house and the court has to give the care order to the new family. It is the Probation Officer who hands, after all is done, the child to his new family. 

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anjo lawler
4 jaar geleden

I'm so proud of you guys (social workers), to do such a good job. Keep up the good work. God Bless