A smile gives hope!!

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Jeremiah can laugh and he can make you laugh!! This was very different just one month  ago. The picture left is the same Jeremiah, one month ago. He was most of the day angry, hostile and when you tried to touch him, he refused you.. he is around 2 years old and he was brought to Amecet by the Police on 23/12/2019. He was abandoned. You just knew that he has not been treated well, a small child like him and already so much mistrust in people. It was sad. Our Social workers has been trying to trace his parents and we now become to know that this little boy has been handed over from one to the other person. His mother brought him to a friend, after a while the friend got tired of him and brought him somewhere else and so he went from one to the other and ended up in the Police station. This has been going on for more than 18 months!! 

We tried to make him smile, reaching out to him, talking to him and showing him love and see the picture above.... he has changed so much. When you come he greets you with a beautiful smile: " morning" he says and it is so great to see the change in this boy, he trusts again, he is willing to come to you and sits with you. He is happy (and very naughty at times!).

The biological parents are found and a process is going on, we work together with the Probation Office, to make sure that Jeremiah goes to a safe place. 

For now he is still with us and we enjoy his smile!!





On the picture left are Francis (left) and Daniel (right)

They are almost the same age, Daniel became one year in October 2019 and Francis in January 2020. Daniel is a bit behind in his development, he came to us very sick, he is HIV+ en had TB.

Francis came to us last week, the hospital called us if we could help. His mother was admitted in the hospital and was unconscious, nobody was there to care for the little boy. So that is why he is with us, for now. In the meantime our Social Workers are busy, trying to find relatives from the mother. Francis is a happy fellow he smiles, is very loud and loves to eat soil....

They play together (sometimes) and Daniel is here learning to walk with the wooden walker, he is very concentrated, so no smile from Daniel now..

But Daniel smiles a lot too and we are so grateful for that, Daniel came from far, he was so sick, we feared for his life, and now we see him playing and developing like a normal boy!!!  

Can you see the the 275 grams difference in the two pictures?? I wrote about baby Aloysius on Feb. 18. Since that time he has gained 275 grams. It goes very slow, but sure. In the beginning we had to be very careful that we would not overfed him, his little stomach was not used to much milk. We even fed him for some days by NG tube, but he pulled that out and he likes to drink, so we now feed him again by a special bottle.. He looks better, he is more peaceful and he can sleep well and I can't wait till we will see his smile!! 

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anjo lawler
4 jaar geleden

wow, What an improvement by those little ones! Endurance. Good job aunties. for all your keep on, keeping on.
The Lord bless your work.