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Yes, we are a Children Home, but our greatest joy is to bring a child back to their relatives, or to find a home for children who have nowhere to go to. And to let them settle in their new  "forever" family!! In the blog of  Feb. 7 and March 31, I wrote about Emmanuel and Abraham.  I Have now the pictures of their coming Home.... At the back is Mr. Oluka Amos, the Senior Probation Officer of Soroti. And the new parents of the two boys. In the middle their new little sister, Anna.  

On March 27, Hellen was given to her new mother!! After birth, Hellen was left behind by her biological mother. Our social workers tried all they could to trace the mother, but all in vain. The second best option is to find a foster mother who will love and care for Hellen as  her own and is willing to adopt her in time!!!

I needed to show you this picture left, because on the picture above, you can see Abraham looking at the juice of Anna.... It is good to know that the mother had brought juice for all three of them....

I am very impressed with Emmanuel, he is such a gentle personality. The way he cared for his little brother, always looking out for him. Now he gets a sister to look after as well, but it is good that the parents will be there for the three of them.

Anna is also adopted via Amecet. In January 2018, the parents received the little baby Anna into their arms, and we can see they are doing very well together. It is really a joy to see this family growing and doing well. It is not easy to foster/adopt bigger children and the two boys  have gone through a lot already. Both parents are teachers, we pray and hope for a good future for Emmanuel and Abraham. They deserve a peaceful and a joyful life!



In December 2019, Moses was found in a garden in the village. He was laying in a pool of blood, still connected with the umbilical cord and the placenta. He came in Amecet via the Police. Our social workers worked together with the Police to trace the mother, but nobody had seen or heard anything..... It took some time, we put him in the local newspaper, but when nobody reacted, we were asked to find a foster family for him.

And we found a family!! This is the mother and I love the way she looks at Moses, she is already fallen in love with him, like many aunties in Amecet..

Moses has now his own family where he is loved and cared for, where he will grow up and be part of!! We are so thankful!!

Left a picture from a new baby, who came into Amecet a couple of days ago. Amecet is Locked Down, but we are still open for especially baby's. There is a team of three, who will decide if we are to take the baby in or not. the intake is done outside, near the gate and one of the aunties will take the child in one of our cloths and will leave all the clothes of the baby with the relatives who bring the child. They can't come in to see where the baby sleeps, they can't come to visit.. This baby is called Burenda and the mother was bitten by a snake and died. She cries a lot...


In February, many of you prayed for Aloisyus, (whose picture at the right). He did a bit better, we got him to drink well with a special bottle, he was gaining a bit. The mother had to take him for review to a special hospital in Mbale and when she came back we talked to her and felt that it would be good when she would take him home. The feeding was the only thing why he came to us and that was going so much better now. She had all the contacts with the hospital and we would help with the milk money and the transport money when she need to go back for review again. We had been visiting the family before in the village, so we knew where he was going...

Just after the Lock down, we got a phone call from the father that Aloisyus has passed away... His neurological problems were very severe, we could not have helped him with that. It was a bit of a shock, but at the other hand, we knew he was at Peace now into the Father's arms. 

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