We got two new children....

Gepubliceerd op 29 april 2020 om 10:10

Baby Steven was born at home, in the village. Because of the Corona virus, there is a curfew and the baby was born in the evening. The next morning, things were not well with the mother, they brought her (and Steven) to the health centre, the centre referred them to the Hospital in Soroti.  There came out that she had an intestinal obstruction and she died after 3 days... The family asked us to care for the baby, there was no one at home who could care for him, so Steven was brought to Amecet. I did the intake, sitting near the gate, a staff came to get the baby from there and the family is not allowed to come and visit him.. It is sad, normally we encourage the relatives to come and see the baby, now they can only call to hear how their child is doing.....

Steven is doing good, he drinks well and has gained already!!


This happy fellow came 3 days ago, his name is Benard and he is just over 5 months old. The story behind his coming to Amecet is not so happy, his mother was busy with burning charcoal when she got an epileptic attack and she fell into the fire. She was alone and I don't know how she came out, but she was very severely burned. They brought her to the health centre, but they referred her to the Hospital, where she still is now, fighting for her life...

Before she had the accident, she was still breastfeeding Benard, that had become impossible because of her burn wounds. The whole family was in panic and they asked if we could help with the baby. So I had another intake next to the gate.....

In spite of being used to breastfeeding, Benard is drinking very good and we started to introduce porridge to him (which is a bit more difficult for him to take..)!


We are doing well, the staff is so good, they work well together although we get sometimes some small problems, after 5 weeks lock down.... 

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Truus van Middelaar
4 jaar geleden

Hallo Els,
De baby's blijven bij jullie binnenkomen. Hoe mooi is dat. Mensen blijven de weg vinden door de Corona heen..
Wens jullie veel sterkte en succes bij al deze zorg.
Onenigheidjes horen erbij in het leven. Maar wordt zwaar wanneer er geen escape is.. Hoop dat je met veel inzicht het in goede banen mag leiden. Ook daarin wordt je vast geholpen door de Heer. Denk aan jullie.

anjo lawler
4 jaar geleden

Keep up the good work. Amecet clan.
Peace will be with you.