In spite of Covid 19, children come and children go...

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We are a bit careful with taking children in, during this Covid 19 time, when  two weeks ago, a young mother came with this baby at our gate, we saw that the baby was in need of help. The mother had no breastfeeding and this baby was already 5 weeks old. But the mother really loved her baby, so we gave milk money and let her come back in one week. One week later she was there again, the baby had gained a little bit, but looked miserable. We talked with the mother and offered her to take the baby in Amecet for two months. She was very grateful, she felt still weak, after the delivery. Baby Samuel was now 6 weeks old and his weight was 2.1 kg. At birth he weighed 3.6 kg. We feed him every two hours and today his weight is 2.7 kg. His mother came to see him, she was so happy, she said she could see that he was already doing better. Samuel was put on antibiotics and we are waiting for blood transfusion. His HB was low, but up till today, there was no blood for transfusion. We hope and pray that Samuel  will start drinking good and gaining and getting stronger so that he can go back to his mother!

Last week Joyce was brought in Amecet by a neighbour and her grandmother. She was born in the health centre, but her mother didn't make it. She passed away after severe bleedings.

There are 4 siblings, all from different fathers and the father of Joyce is not known. Our Social workers went to the village to see how the situation really was. They heard that the mother was HIV+ and that the uncle will take the children to care for. That is good, when Joyce goes out of Amecet, there is a home for her!! Joyce is on medication and we have to do a blood test when she is 6 weeks old. For now we are struggling with her feeding, but we hope that it will go better.

Two children went home... Last week the grandmother of Steven (right) came to pick him. The mother of Steven died 6 days after his birth in the hospital.. We were happy to help by caring for Steven when this all happened. He is doing very well and is a beautiful, smiling boy!

This week the two auntie of Divine came to pick her! Divine was born after her mother was raped and also got infected with HIV. After the delivery, she went home and got sick at home. At night they came back with her to the clinic from our neighbours. The mother died and Divine came to us. In the beginning there were some struggles, but after that Divine grew and she is a very happy, laughing baby!! Today we also got her test results back, she is HIV negative!!!!!  She will be loved and cared for by her aunties.  

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Randi Heimholdt Lunde
4 jaar geleden

Good to ser What you do for the children and the family .GOD BLESS YOU