A call from the hospital...

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Yesterday, Simon got a call from the hospital. A doctor called that there was a baby of 3 weeks, whose mother had died that morning. The family could not take care of the baby, the mother was only 18 years old and there was no father in the picture.... So I drove to the hospital, I went to maternity ward, the doctor was not there, they knew about that baby, so I called the doctor and he told me he was in orthopaedic ward and the baby was also there. I felt that is a bit strange, but I went to that ward and I saw the baby, with two legs in a cast.. Now I understood why the baby was in this ward, there was something wrong with both legs... they had not said that over the phone.. I heard the story, the baby was born 3 weeks ago in the hospital by caesarean. The mother got a sepsis, she stayed all those 3 weeks in the hospital (with the baby) and at the end she needed a blood transfusion, there was no blood available and in the morning at 6.30 am she died... The baby was called Elijah and had a clubfoot at one leg and a rotating knee at the other leg. they had put  a cast on both legs and the family was told to come every Tuesday to the Orthopaedic ward for review and changing of the cast and physiotherapy, every Thursday they also had to come for physiotherapy. The family lived in the village, they had left already with the body of the mother, there was still an uncle and some neighbours around. The doctor was afraid that they would not be in position to come twice a week, that is why he had called us.  The family is willing to have the baby, but they can't make it twice a week from the village to Soroti... So we filled the papers and I took Elijah to Amecet. We have a commitment to Elijah by taking him to the hospital twice a week. Elijah drinks well, but he had a fever and when we took him to the clinic next to Amecet, he was put on IV medication.


Two days ago some reporters came to the Amecet gate, Simon talked with them. They were from newspaper, from the radio and from the TV. There were rumours in Soroti town that Amecet was closing, that there was no more money and that our donors had died from Covid 19...... We had brought all the children back to the villages...... Simon talked with them and than told us what they had said, we were very surprised, yes our gate is closed for visitors and we had to keep all our outliving staff on hold, but we were still operating and we were still receiving new children.... I had had contact with the Figurant and there was no Covid 19 with any of them (thank God!) Where was this rumour coming from??? Simon was invited to speak on two radio stations about it and yesterday one reporter from the TV came to record our statement as well! We are doing well and you can see the picture at the right, this is Ali, you can read about him on the blog of June 12. He is smiling a lot, he gained 4 kg. and he can also be very moody... But he likes to sit in the stroller and he reacts on the other toddlers. His wounds are still there, but improving slowly. There is a big change in him!!!


This is Samuel, his picture was in the last blog. Can you see the difference???? He gained 1 kg. since he came to Amecet, he drinks good now and is more relaxed. He was very tense and now he is much more at peace. He is doing well.


I also wrote about baby Joyce in my last blog, she was still not drinking much, we fed her every two hours, but there was not much improvement. Yesterday, we gave her a NG tube, we feed her now every 3 hours, but more milk at the time, she can rest a bit more in between the feedings.

So we go on, Amecet is still caring for the children..........

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Good work Els, we keep on following your stories 👍👏👏