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This is the picture of the blog of July 8th. A call from the hospital, it was about this baby Elijah. Elijah was born with a clubfoot and a rotating knee, then he had problems with the fingers on both hands and an eye problem. We are 5  weeks further and Elijah has kept us busy.... The mother died in the hospital on July 8th and the family could not commit themselves to bring the baby once, sometimes twice a week to the hospital. That is where Amecet came in...

Every week we went to the Orthopaedic section in the outpatient of Soroti Hospital. The baby was given plaster on both legs, and the plaster was removed, by holding the baby in a bucket with warm water. On these pictures, our nurse Ruth, was holding Elijah. The plaster was removed and the doctor checked if their was any progress. They were very content and then they put new plaster again, slowly bending the foot in the right angle.

We also took Elijah to the Physio therapy, for the exercises with his fingers, which were very stiff.

Most of the time, this took us the whole morning from 9 am until 1 or even 2 pm. But there was progress so it was worth the effort!!

Dominique went also several times to the hospital and on this picture left, it is one of the last times that we removed the plaster. On the picture right,  you can see that the doctors are now giving him some braces, with little shoes and from now on, he has to wear them day and night (for at least 2 months).

We still have to do exercises with his legs, we are a bit worried about his knee at the right leg. Last Tuesday we went again to the Physio and they told us to just continue with the exercises and to come back next week again.



In the meantime we also took him to the eye doctor and to the surgical doctor. The eye got treatment for two weeks and the surgeon gave also treatment for the hand, his fingers are not normal , but doesn't require an operation.



It is going well with Elijah. He drinks good and is gaining. We do daily exercises with the legs and with the fingers. It was difficult for him to sleep with the braces in the beginning, he likes to sleep on his tummy, but then the foot went every time out of the shoe on one foot. So this is his way of sleeping now and he is used to it already.

Elijah can really use your prayers, there are still problems with his left eye . We are committed towards Elijah, he will stay a bit longer in Amecet than the usual 2 or 3 months. We pray that his family doesn't give up on him. We also need to see him smile, he is 8 weeks old now and we haven't seen a smile, so we work on that one too.!!!

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