From stolen toddler to little Princess!!

Gepubliceerd op 9 augustus 2020 om 17:25

A couple of months ago, the police brought Lucy to Amecet. A little girl of 4, maybe 5 years old. She was stolen and nobody knew where is came from. The Police is looking for the woman she was with, but up till today there are no clues where Lucy came from. We have put adverts in the National newspaper and she has been even on National TV. The Police have been checking the reports of missing children also from other parts of the country, all in vain.

In the meantime that all the searching for the relatives of Lucy was going on, Lucy had a good time in Amecet, she found a great friend, Godfrey, a partner in crimes..... Together they had a lot of fun and were a handful!!!

Godfrey was also brought to Amecet via Police and Pobation Office, nobody knew where he came from. He was maybe a little younger than Lucy, but they were the best buddy's!!

We also had put Godfrey's picture in the newspaper and we made posters to hang around where they "found" him.. And this worked!! A man came to Elias, while he was pinning the picture on a tree, and told him that he knew the child, it was the son of his brother!! 


While we were waiting and hoping that a relative of Lucy would react, we were also looking into adoption. And a lady was identified and together with the Probation Officer and our social worker, her home was inspected, and all the forms filled.  The lady came to visit Lucy several times in Amecet. On Friday the Probation Officer came to officially hand over Lucy to her new mother.

Lucy was treated as a little princess, complete with tiara!! It is such a joy to see how welcome this little girl is in her new family!!!

Lucy is a bright girl, she will get all the opportunities to build a good life and will be surrounded by love and care!!



A couple of hours later, Elias, our Social Worker, brought Godfrey back to his relatives. We had waited to bring Godfrey back until Lucy would go, they were much connected to each other, it would be hard to separate them and have one left behind. Also the family needed time to organize themselves to receive Godfrey back. Elias went several times to talk with the relatives and also with the father to make sure that Godfrey could go back safely.

Here they go, Godfrey is waving goodbye to us and we pray  that all will go well. It is good that the family is not living far away, we will go and check on him.


Two stories today, of two children going home on two different ways. Sometimes we are so very happy that the child can go home, but other times we are worried if everything will go well at home. Still it is our duty to bring children home instead of keeping them in Amecet... We are only for temporarily care, a child does not belong in a children home, but in a family, in a community.


Just to close, the weight of little baby Esther, from the previous blog. The stolen baby from 1.2 kg. She is gaining and doing well. Last week we had serious struggles with her and she had to go on oxygen, IV fluid and medication, but now she is drinking again.. There is also more news about her background, no relatives yet but she was born after an abortion and by mistake she was born alive..... The Police is on the case and we proclaim life for this little girl!!!!!!  Please keep praying for little Esther......

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