Party time!!!!!!

Gepubliceerd op 14 september 2020 om 16:25

It is Party time!!! Baby Esther is over the 3 kg.!!!!  last week I told the staff, when Esther weighs more than 3 kg., we will get soda's!! And today we weighed her and she was 3,045 kg. so we have a party!!! It is amazing how this baby changed and survived, You can read her story in the blog of July 21, this baby was aborted and by "mistake", she came out alive, her weight was 1.2 kg. she was 2 months premature. We struggled with her, so small, so fragile, we had to feed her by NG tube and several times we had to put her on oxygen and IV. medication, but Esther is a fighter!!!  I am so proud of her!! We had given her the name Esther, I believe God has a special plan with her, like he had with Queen Esther in the Bible. We took her today for a special HIV test, we pray it will be negative, but since we don't  know anything about her mother, we need to do this test.

Today, a new baby came, we called him Benjamin. His mother has a mental problem and gave birth

Today we received a new baby. We called him Benjamin. His mother has a mental problem and the health centre asked us if we could come and take the baby. The mother is mostly on the road, moving everywhere, this would be dangerous for a new-born baby. he was born yesterday and his weight is 2.1 kg. This is not the first baby we helped from this mother, it is sad that men take advantage of a lady like her. We hope he will start drinking well. By the time Elias went to the health centre to pick the baby, the mother had already disappeared, leaving her baby behind. 

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