How our Miracle baby turned into a Christmas baby.....

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This picture, above, shows the end of this amazing story, but we go back to July 21, when the Police from another District, brought a very small baby to Amecet..... It was an infant of 4 days old, it was a girl and her weight was 1.2 kg!!! 

She was cold, and very skinny, we took the baby directly to the clinic next door and the baby was started on I.V.Medication and we worked very hard in warming her up.

We laid her in our incubator and fed her every two hours a small amount of formula milk.


The story was so heartbreaking, this little girl was mistakenly born alive, the mother had gone a small clinic for an abortion and the baby should have died during that procedure. But she didn't die and was born alive, so a friend of the nurse took the baby to another district again, trying to sell her. There, people got concerned and told the Police. The lady went into the cells and the baby was brought to Amecet.

No name, no background, nothing known about the family, we took her in and we gave her the name Esther, which means Star, we also felt that God must have a special mission for this little girl, like Queen Esther in the Bible... She was a miracle baby from the beginning, that she was still alive, after 4 days, without the proper care..........

We cared, we prayed, we fed, we were busy with this little girl, but everybody had closed her in their hearts and we were prepared to do anything to bring her through this. We felt that she had fight alone already so much, that we wanted to see this end well!! 

It was not easy, I think at least twice we were scared we would loose her and with oxygen, medication and care, she came out of it again. We could see a change, 1.6 kg. made us all very happy and when we got to the 3 kg. we had a small party!!!!

That was 2 month after she came to Amecet, in September, she had more than doubled her weight!

Her personality came out more and more, she started to smile and we didn't have to ran with her to the Doctor anymore.... We had also done the HIV test, because we didn't know anything about her background, this came back negative, so more good news. In the meantime we took her for her immunizations and she developed very normal. She was still a bit small, but she was born as a 7 months premature baby!

Today, on Christmas day, Esther was given to her new family. The Probation Officer came to hand her over officially to the new mother. In the last months there has been investigation done into the family of Esther, but that all didn't work out. Then this family wanted to adopt her, so their home was visited and all the papers from court were ready, just in time for Christmas!! The mother was so excited, she told us that Esther would be her first born and even  on Christmas!!! 

A happy ending on this Christmas day, it is an encouragement, God never gives up and He was with Esther all the way. As Amecet, we are grateful that we could be part of this story. Jesus was born for us, also for children like Esther, to give Hope and Healing! 

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P.G. de Lint
3 jaar geleden

Wat een prachtig Kerstverhaal !

anjo lawler
3 jaar geleden

Wow. Like Herod couldn't kill Jesus, they couldn't kill this little Ester.