We had a 2 kg. Party!!!!!!

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In our blog of April 16, I wrote about the premature twin babies we got in Amecet. The girl's weight was 950 gram and her twin brother's was 1200 gram. Honestly, I was scared to loose them and together with the team, we set up a plan to care for them... They were in a separate room, got fed every 2 hours, taken their temperature and we did that for all those weeks!! God had His hand on those little one's, they started to grow and we never had major problems..... I had told the team, when they are both over the 2 kg., we will celebrate!!

Deborah weighs 2,030 kg. and William 2,5 kg!!! A big reason to celebrate!!!!


We started with a time of thanksgiving and prayers at their bedside.  Thanking God for His care for the little ones and praying for His protection for the future of the babies. Their auntie will take care of them when they will leave Amecet, since their mother passed away after their birth.

After that, we went to the living room, where some snacks were waiting for us. A thank-you to the team, for their diligent care for Deborah and William. They are an encouragement to all of us!

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