Goat Blessings.....

Gepubliceerd op 12 juli 2021 om 17:23

Today the Amecet staff received a Goat blessing! One of the missionaries in Soroti is a veterinarian doctor and he wanted to encourage and bless the Amecet staff with the precious gift of a goat!! They told us that God knows about our struggles and how difficult it was (and is) to be in, for the lockdown, that this was a reminder that He knows it all and that He wants to encourage us!!

This is the family, in 2014 they adopted a little boy from Amecet. They have been around all those years in Soroti and today they were standing on the same veranda, with their beautiful son, only 7 years later!!! God is good!!

All the goats were brought to Amecet on the back of motor bikes, then Doctor Daniel checked them all and injected deworm medicines and they all got a tab through their ear. On this first picture, he showed how you can see at the teeth how old a goat is . I never knew that goats (and also cows) have no upper teeth, only some molars. 

The staff was very excited,  and thankful for the beautiful gift. And yes, it is an encouragement, God knows about us, He hears us and He cares also about us, the staff!!!

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