Charles is going to his (new) forever family...

Gepubliceerd op 19 juli 2021 om 13:51

A happy day today in Amecet!!! Charles was picked up by his new family, who are so excited to have him! We are so excited that Charles has now a family, who will love him and care for him!

November 2020, the Police from a neighbouring district, brought a baby to Amecet. The baby looked healthy, good weight and was 2 weeks old. The story was not so good. The mother was just wandering around, very pregnant and someone had taken her in, because her time for delivery was near. She gave birth there and never talked, nobody knew her, they had not seen her before. She also left shortly after she had given birth to Charles and nobody has ever seen her again.

The Police brought him to Amecet and we did get some pictures of the mother, so we put advertisements in several newspapers, but no response.....

After a month, we suddenly saw that Charles got tremors, like mild convulsions, out of nowhere, there was no fever or sickness. We took him to the doctor and he was given medication for this. In the past we had baby's with the same problem and most of the time they grow over it. We kept a close eye on him and didn't see the tremors again. But the medication made him sleep so much. He was mostly sleeping or just waking up and still sleepy. We all loved Charles, he loved to cuddle and gave us then his big sweet smile!! He was just like a big teddy bear...

The doctor told us to start slowing down with the medication, half doses, than only once a day (in the evening) again that dose was made half and we saw more and more the Charles coming out. He has a sweet character, friendly and smiling a lot ( of course he also had his moods..) he started to move a bit and now, he is 9 months and he moves on his tummy everywhere. He doesn't seem to figure out how to crawl, but tries to stand on his hand and feet a bit. He eats well and likes his milk, he loves to "talk" and to make baby sounds.

In the meantime, our social workers tried to get a hold of the relatives of the mother, but all  in vain. So we got the green light of the Probation Officer and the Police to find a family who wants to foster Charles and adopt him later...  We were very happy that the tremors didn't come back so there would be more chance to find a family. And a family was found, they came today to pick him, they were so excited!! Charles was not so excited, he cried... normally we ask the family to come  and visit, so they can bond together, but now with Covid 19, we are closed for visitors, but also it is not possible for the family to travel from their district to Soroti, they had asked special permission for today... Charles is 9 months old, so he knows when there are new people and is a bit shy... We are so happy that Charles will belong to a family, that is so important, we all need to know where we belong and Charles will growing up knowing that they had chosen for him and they will care for him and they will love him... 

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