3 sets of twins......

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At the moment, we have 3 sets of twins in Amecet. .On the picture above you can see our last set of twins, Moses and Tom. They are 1 week old. They were born with a caesarean operation, everything went well, the mother was discharged and at home she started to bleed. They rushed back to the hospital, but it was too late, she died. The two little boys are brought to Amecet for 2 or 3 months. During that time the family can organize themselves and then they will take over the care for them.



Beginning of August, James and Samuel were brought to Amecet. They are twins as well, but they are 3 months old. They are not sick and not really malnourished, but they were brought for safety. Their mother has a mental sickness and their life was  in danger. The mother had more twins in the past, they all died. There is an old uncle who tried to help, but he couldn't care for them anymore and the authorities were fearing for the life of the two boys.



Then here at the right, our first set of twins: Deborah and William!! They are now 4 months old. They are so amazing, can  you imagine that Deborah came as a baby weighing just 900 gram?? and William was 1200 gram. They do so well, Deborah has no problems with her lungs, she can scream!!!!! The only thing that is not growing (yet) is her hair, but I am sure that will come as well. When I look at them, I am so thankful that we could help them...

We have  now 17 baby's in our home. During the Lockdown, we had not so many children, we only used two rooms, but now we have opened an extra baby room again. It is a lot of work, all the baby's are fed every three hours. So we have many bottles to give... And then the diapers..... for 17 baby's, the clotheslines are full again. 



I'll end this blog with a picture of our little Messach (left). He is doing so well! He is the baby we got from the neonatal room from the hospital. On the picture at the right his weight was 1 kg!  On the picture left , he is almost 2 kg!! We removed his NG tube  because he is drinking good on his own. We see him gaining every day ......

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