Simon Peter went HOME....

Gepubliceerd op 19 september 2021 om 08:51

Yesterday I wrote about the new twins we had in Amecet and how the little boy, Simon Peter, was fighting for his life. Sadly I have to tell that he lost his fight... In the evening at around 9.30 his saturation (oxygen level in the blood), didn't come up anymore and his little heart stopped beating... The whole day, yesterday, we struggled, every time his saturation went down, but  came back up, the doctor came several times to see him, he was on oxygen and several IV medications and IV fluids. But God decided to take him HOME, he is now with his mother.

We got a small coffin this morning and we are going to bring him back to his relatives in the village. They buried his mother yesterday and today they will bury her little son next to her.


And we????

We will go on, caring for his little sister, Agnes (and the other 16 baby's) . Agnes is not without problems, she also vomits her feeding at times, but not so serious as her brother. We keep a close eye on her and we ask your prayers for this little girl.

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