Twins go and twins come.....

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Last week twins went home, James and Samuel went back to their village. Around 6 weeks ago they were brought to Amecet, not because they were sick, or because their mother had died or because they were malnourished, they were brought to Amecet because their family feared for their safety.... Their mother has a mental problem and can be very aggressive at times. In the past she had two times twins before, they all died. The family was afraid that James and Samuel were not safe..... So they came to Amecet and in the meantime the family had clan meetings and our social workers went to talk with the grandfather. There was an auntie who was ready and willing to take the twins in her home and to raise them as her own. The mother didn't come there so the children would be safe. And last week, Simon brought them to the auntie and they were received very well. We pray that they will be united good in the new family and we pray that the mother will come to her senses...

Two days  ago, we received a new set of twins, Simon Peter and Agnes, they were 1 day old. Their mother gave birth by caesarian, prematurely, and she passed away after the operation.

They are small, the boy 's weight is 1.6 kg and the girl 1.7 kg. They are weak and tiny. We took them to the doctor and we put a NG tube for the feeding. We started with very small amounts of milk. They were also started on IV medication.

Last night it didn't go well with Simon Peter, over the phone I had contact with Irene, the nurse in Amecet, and Dominique. He was put on oxygen. Today I saw him and he is really fighting for his life. It is so sad to see this little boy so sick. pls. pray for Simon Peter. His sister is stronger, but has also some issues with vomiting and difficulties to find a vein for her for a cannula. 

We still have two more sets of twins in Amecet, they are doing very well! May be you remember the two tiny baby's we got in April?? Deborah's weight was 900 gram and William's weight was 1200 gram. Look at the picture here, they are so cute and doing so well, they are going home at the end of this month. We waited a bit with bringing them back home, because their auntie will take care of them and they are a handful!! Especially Deborah can scream....... she is now a bit over that and loves to talk to you in her baby language! We will miss them, but I am so happy we could help them, they were in a very bad shape when they came to Amecet.

Then, about one month ago, we got Moses and Tom. Their mother also passed away. One week after the Caesarian operation, she started to bleed and when they reached the hospital, it was too late.

The two boys are doing well, they were not malnourished or premature, they are drinking good, so there are no problems with them.  The family is deciding who will take care of them after Amecet. It is good that we can care for them at this moment, so they have the time and peace to find a good place for them.


We have said goodbye this morning to baby Agnes, she was with us for 2 months and her father came to pick her. Then we have Stella who is also almost 2 months with us and ready to go home. Her family comes for her next week. We have many baby's in our home at the moment and no older children, only baby's.....

We appreciate your prayers for the staff, it is a lot of work to feed the baby's every three hours and to give them the care and attention they need.

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