The new year has started........

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The new year started with the coming of this little baby, on the first of January at 9 am, the Police brought this little baby girl. They gave her the name Rose, the Police lady who brought her to us, is called Rose. The story is that a girl of around 13 years, was in the hospital with the baby, she asked a lady to hold the baby for a minute, because she was needed in the ward, where her sister was admitted. The lady took the baby, willing to help, but the girl didn't come back..... The baby was reported to the nurses, who on their turn, reported the baby to the police. and so ended the baby in Amecet.

I took the baby to the doctor, she must be around one week old. Her cord was infected, her eyes were infected, and she has malaria. So we started medication and feeding of course.  She is drinking very well and she is a beautiful baby!!! 

The police lady told me that she spoke on the local radio last week and that she mentioned that mothers should never throw their baby in the pit latrine or strangle their baby, but if there is no other way, bring your baby to a safe place where she will be found. like the hospital... so I hope we will not get more baby's in the coming weeks......


Proscovia was brought to Amecet on December 21, I wrote about her in my last blog, She is doing well, but it goes very slowly.. We have her in the medical room and we feed her every 2 hours. We first give her by bottle, she needs to learn how to suck, but when she gets tired, we give the rest by NG tube. She is over the 2 kg. now the oedema is gone and we can see her eyes!!!

Today we started the feeding every 3 hours and she is able to drink 40 or 50 ml by mouth. She is so cute and I have hopes for her.... But it is still so sad that she lost so much weight and has to struggle so much to gain it back, gram by gram.....

She keeps us busy... 




This is Abudu, he came to Amecet on December 30. Again a very sad story, his mother died in Soroti hospital. he was born in a health centre in the village, but there were complications with the mother, so they were referred to the hospital in Soroti.. Abudu was 24 hours old, but was not fed at all, not even sugar water. He was dry and really needed  feeding. There was only a grandmother and she was desperate, she was alone in the hospital  with the new born baby and the body of the mother.. A man, who was visiting another patient had compassion on her and came with her and the baby to Amecet. After that he was going to help the grandmother with organizing transport to bring the body back to the village to bury. I was touched by this man, he didn't know the grandmother, but he helped her out of the goodness of his heart!

Abudu is a big baby and he drinks good.


So has our year started, busy and not many staff. The second staff group went home 28/12 and the first group is back to work. In two days, we will be complete, I can't wait........

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The new year has started........ / Blog | Amecet Childrens Home

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