Our Christmas baby....

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This is Proscovia, she is not born on Christmas, but she came this week in Amecet. Again a very sad story. She was born 10 days ago. Her mother gave birth in a hospital,  but there were complications, they referred them to another, bigger hospital. From there, they couldn't handle the situation either, so they referred them to Soroti Hospital. The mother was sick, she had a lot of pain and she started to swell ( according to the father, who brought the baby). She died in Soroti hospital, 6 days after she had given birth to Proscovia.  They went home to bury the mother, and that was the reason that they came to Amecet when Proscovia was already 10 days old. 

And all that time Proscovia had not been fed, only some water with glucose........ We heard that her birth weight was 2.6 kg. At arrival in Amecet, her weight was 1.9 kg. She was small, weak and a bit swollen (as you can see at the eyes and the hand). Both parents were HIV+, so Proscovia was started at the medicins which might keep her from being HIV+.

Today it is Christmas eve, and the reason that I call her our Christmas baby is that she didn't do so well today and after we went back to the doctor with her, she was started on IV medication, IV fluids and an NG tube to help her getting enough milk. Proscovia doesn't know how to suck, she never was fed properly, so it is hard to get the right amount of milk in her. We do start with the bottle, she had to get used to sucking, but we do the extra feeding with the NG tube. Frequently, because the doctor said she is malnourished, lack of protein, that might also be the cause of the swelling.  She is our special need baby during this Christmas time...

Pls. pray for her, that she will pick up and that her little body can handle the feedings which she needs so badly.....

Merry Christmas to you all!!

















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