Abandoned (continuation)

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On April 4 I wrote a blog about some children who were abandoned by their mothers, we have some good news about two of them and I start with the baby on the picture. He is around 5 months old, we gave him the name Peter and he was left behind in the hospital, with a not. You can read the note in the previous blog.  Our Social workers have worked hard on this  case. We made posters and hang them in the hospital. We did announcements over the local radio and we placed a message in the local newspaper.

Reactions came!!!!!! We got several calls from people who thought that the baby was their grandchild. Three of them sounded very real, we talked with them and then one of them, we felt that this could be the grandmother of Peter. Which means that there are still two other baby's lost...

The grandmother came with pictures and they looked like Peter.

We put all the children (of around 4-6 months) on the floor in the living room. They were all in pants, so no dresses, and we asked the grandmother to come in and see if her grandson was among them..

The grandmother looked and went straight to Peter and picked him up. He was her true grandson!! The brother of the mother also came and via him we found the mother. She is 22 years old and she was fed up with the baby..  Since it was a police case, she was taken in to the cell for several days and after that she asked forgiveness to her parents and was allowed to go back home. Peter will follow her in a couple of days... This worked all out well. Peter (whose real name is Jerald) goes back to his mother and to his grandparents.

In the previous blog, I also wrote about 2 other children, one was Rogers. We also did the Posters for him and the announcement in the newspaper as well. We also found Rogers' mother. Our Social worker went to look in the village and when he showed the picture from him, people showed him where she was. The mother was not really to blame, it was a whole complot of lies around them. She is very happy and wants him to come back to her. But Rogers is still on medication for his kidney problem and is doing so much better. When he is finishing his medication , we will bring him back to his mother!

I'll end with another positive news... In the blog of February 11, I wrote about a 4 year old girl Hellen. She was in a very serious condition, when she came into Amecet. She was very malnourished and very swollen. 

I'll end with other positive news: In the blog of Feb. 11. I wrote about a 4 year old girl, Hellen. She was brought into Amecet in a serious condition, she was severe malnourished and swollen with Oedema. as you can see on the picture at the left. She is now doing well and you can see that on the picture at the right!! She could not stand or walk when she came, her legs were so swollen and it was very painful for her. We expected her to start walking after the legs were normal, but she didn't. According to the doctors, we took her, she has never walked before. But everything looks normal. We do exercises with her everyday and she starts walking a bit. Our goal is to bring her back to the village walking!!! It is so good to see the changes  in her....

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