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At  this moment we have 8 children in Amecet, who are abandoned, most by their mother, but some also by their families, after the mother was taken into Police custody (for child abuse) or when the mother passed away.. Our social workers try to find the relatives or search among the relatives for a safe home to resettle the child. If that is not working out, the Probation Officer and the Police will ask us to find a local foster family who want to adopt the child in the future. Recently it seems that we have more abandoned children and I was thinking about this, why is a mother abandoning her baby, the baby she carried for 9 months and who she fed and cared for?? 

It is easy to judge, but what do we know of the desperation of the mother? One of the children was found and later a bag with children clothes was found and this letter. Maybe the mother was even sitting nearby to see what would happen with her baby and she wrote this letter... It really touched me and it made me think of the situation of the mother, what she could have felt and how much she is hurting inside.

Some years ago we got a baby, who was buried alive and the mother was waiting till the next morning, she would check the child and than planned to take poison herself. The baby was found in the evening and the mother was arrested. the baby was brought to Amecet by the Police and after 2 weeks we took the baby to the prison, where we visited the mother. I never forget the face and the joy of the mother, when she saw her baby...... Her situation was also desperate and that made her make this terrible decision, but she was so happy that it  had all gone different.. We resettled the baby with the grandparents and the mother stayed in prison till her sentence was over, then she joined her baby and her parents... 

There was a girl of 5 years brought to Amecet, some months ago, her mother held both her hands into the fire as a punishment, she was hungry and ate before she was served.. The mother is now in jail. The wounds have healed, but the scars are still there.. 

This is Rogers, he is 5 years old. His mother abandoned him in the health Centre in the village. Maybe the burden of his illness was too much for her to carry, maybe she had struggled  a long time with his sickness and had no money for medicines or food... we don't know, but the Police brought him to Amecet. Last Saturday I got a phone call from Amecet (I was free and at home). Rogers ' face was very swollen and they had taken him to the doctor, he was prescribed many tests and a scan.  So I went to Amecet and together with Sharon, our medical person, we went for scan (took more than 2 hours) and then to another clinic for several blood tests and urine test. This took also several hours. Rogers did great, he didn't cry and was very patient. The doctor looked at all the results and he has a kidney problem. We got medicines prescribed, advice was given and in 10 days we have to come back for review. He is doing a bit better, the swelling is less and he went to school today... The doctor says that his illness can be cured, so that is good news. In the meantime, our social workers are still looking for the mother... Wouldn't it be great when we could bring a healthy Rogers back to his mother??? Pls. pray for the mother and for Rogers?

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