Hellen goes back home....walking.......

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It was a good day, today we brought Hellen back home. She was brought to Amecet in February, very severe malnourished. She had oedema in her legs, arms and face. They told us that she had never walked, she was called "the lame of the village". Water oozed out of the legs, she was very irritated and had a lot of pain. Of course we took Hellen to the doctor,  she had infection, needed blood transfusion and a protein rich diet. She didn't talk (yet) and was not easy to please...

It was a process and we saw more and more the real Hellen. She is 4 years old.

She started to eat better, to play, to smile and to talk, mostly when they were suppose to sleep, then we could hear her talk, shout and sing to the other children. She started to move on her buttocks and then she started to walk!!!

It is sometimes hard to bring a child back home. The parents of Hellen are quite poor and you ask yourself if they can maintain the way Hellen is now.  But a child belongs to his/her family, that is what we do, we unite them again with their relatives.  Simon talked with the neighbours and with the LC. 1, (village chief) to keep an eye on them. We also talked later with the LC. 1 about the youngest child, he is a boy of 14 months and is also malnourished. So there is a chance that the father will bring that child to us, 

But when I see the picture of Hellen laughing, then I know this is the place she belongs. She forgot a lot in those  6 months, but we could see that she did recognize her brothers...

We pray for rain, so they can plant food and we pray that God will provide for them!!


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2 jaar geleden

How wonderful to see Hellen so radiant.
What a great job you do! May God bless you.

J. Person
2 jaar geleden

Geweldig om te zien hoe dat meisje is veranderd. Gods zegen op jullie werk