5 new newborn babies.....

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We have had a busy week....  We got 5 small babies from different places, They all had one sad thing in common, they lost their mother...


Angella was the first baby who was brought. She was born by a Cesarean section, everything went well, the mother and the baby were discharged and then it went wrong. The mother got a terrible headache and she died. Angella was almost 5 weeks old and the family asked our help..


The next day two babies were brought......


Baby Abigail was brought to Amecet. She was born the evening before in the Health Centre.  Every thing went well during the delivery.  But after a couple of hours, the mother started to bleed and they couldn't stop it. She died in the health centre. The family asked us if we could take Abigail at least till she was a bit bigger and stronger....

Later that day baby Jessica was brought...Again a sad story, Jessica was born 11 days ago, the mother gave birth in the health centre, but the mother died 10 days later at home. She developed high blood pressure and she had Hepatitis B. 

Jessica is a very small baby and when we weighed her she was only 1.9 kg. She was still under her birthweight which was 2 kg. She looked frail and weak, so we gave her the bed in the medical room and we feed her every two hours.. We keep an eye on her feedings, if she is not drinking enough, we will give her a NG tube for some days. But it looks like she is picking up..

Then 3 days later another Abigail was brought..... She is left on this picture, A twin was born in the hospital, but the mother died after the delivery... Abigail was brought to Amecet the next morning, but her little brother, Andrew, had to stay in the hospital for observation. He was brought to us the next day. He was doing well now, but he is a bit smaller than his sister. I think they are so beautiful and cute..


You can understand that it is busy now with all those little one's. we have 10 babies now, and the bigger babies we transferred to the other baby room. We are happy that they all are well, we keep an eye on the feeding of Jessica and the twin babies, but I think they will pick up soon.

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