Many goodbyes....

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We have said a lot of goodbyes in the last weeks.... several children, who have been with us for quite some time, went home!!! This picture is from Deborah, she is a real miracle child. She was brought to Amecet in September 2022. (read the blog of 20/9/2022). A little sad girl of 15 months old, unable to stand or walk.  She was sick, fevers, didn't want to eat. We took her to the doctor, tests were done, but nothing came out of that, more tests were done and then they found TB. It was not really very clear, but the doctor decided that we started her on the anti TB medicines. And in two weeks we saw a different!!!She started to eat, to gain, to play (a bit) and to smile (a bit).. We had patience, she had to take those anti TB medicines for 6 months... But it was so beautiful to see her getting better and stronger and she started to walk and talk. It was a joy to have her with us and such an encouragement!!!

Deborah is on this picture at the right, at the left you can see her friend, Sunday. Sunday was brought to Amecet by the Police. She was abandoned by her mother. we found out that she was 3 years old.  She was very weak, could not crawl or walk. There was no talking and she was malnourished. It was a sad little girl and it took long before we saw her smile. We took her to the physiotherapy in Soroti hospital. And there they gave us advice what kind of exercises we could do with her. And it worked!!!! Sunday started to walk and she likes it. Last week her grandfather came to pick her. She walked towards him!! 

And then we have Gloria. She has been with us twice. We resettled her with her mother in her village, but two weeks later she was back in Soroti and the Police brought her back to Amecet, because her mother was in trouble. You can read about her more in the blog of November 2 2022. Gloria is a very funny girl, she is still not walking, sometimes she does some steps, but she is scared. You can hear her laughing from far. We all loved her. She went back to her mother, her mother lives now together with other relatives and there is more social support for her and also for Gloria. We are still a bit worried about her, but because of the family support, we hope and pray that this will work out better. They live in Soroti, so we can easily check on her.

We are always excited when children can go home and especially when they come so weak and unable to walk and they leave Amecet walking!!

Yesterday an old friend came by to say hello, she  came as a small very sick girl of 18 months old, in Amecet. Now she is 18 years old!!!  It was so nice to see her, it is encouraging for us.

This the picture out 2006 and at the right the picture  from yesterday. 

I am so thankful that God used Amecet to minister to her, she was in a very  bad condition and to see her now, going to school  and living with her grandmother, it brings a lot of joy...

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