Baby Hellen goes home and 3 new children were brought..

Gepubliceerd op 20 september 2023 om 11:21

Two months ago, two family members came to Amecet with a newborn baby. Hellen's mother had passed away after Hellen was born via a Caesarean operation. She lost too much blood, the father was in shock, he couldn't come to bring his daughter himself. Hellen picked up fast, she drank well and gained weight and her father came to visit her many times... You could see that he loved his baby girl. And here he is, picking her from Amecet to take her home to his family. His sister will help caring for her. He was so happy, it is such a joy to us, to give her back to her family when you know she will be so loved!!! We prepared a bag with some clothes, a mosquito net, a drinking cup and we clothed her and put a blanket around her for the journey. This blanket is knitted with love by Dutch ladies who live in Spain during the winters.... A blessing for many baby's.....

Yesterday, a father came with 2 children to Amecet, 2 little boys of 2 and 3 years.... The 2 boys were severely malnourished, there feet, legs, arms and hands were swollen. One of them had wounds and they were miserable.... The father told us that his wife had left the family some months ago and he tried to feed them, but he had to work and they were really struggling. Neighbours had told him to go to Amecet for help, because the two boys were in a bad shape. We talked with him and decided that the 2 boys were in urgent need of help, so we took them in and Pius and Andrew went with the father to their home. They wanted to talk with the neighbours and also see the third child, which was still at home. They talked with the people in the community and ended up coming back with the girl. She was not really malnourished, but it would not be good for her to be alone in the home. She had be the one caring for her little brothers... So we have 3 new children in Amecet: Faith (6 yrs.), James (3 yrs.) and Jeremiah (2 yrs.). The two boys are not happy, they cry and they are in pain. You can see the way they sit with their hands, it is swollen and painful, you have to be very careful with carrying them, it hurts them so much. They need a lot of protein, they will lose weight at first, because the oedema has to disappear. But we pray they feel safe here and will be able to keep the food in.... Pls. pray for the 3 Faith, James and Jeremiah.

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