Children come and Children go...

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Mercy is one of our new baby's, she was brought by her family because the mother had died after giving birth... She is a cute little baby, we have started her on the HIV medicines, because her mother was HIV+. When she is one month  old we will take her for testing. But with the good medicines we can give those baby's,  whose mother was HIV+, most of the baby's are negative!!

And those two cuties were picked by their family: left is Gift, she lost her mother after the delivery and the family was scared to look after her. When someone dies, there is a lot going on. Even after the burial, many people come to visit the family. They don't know how to feed the baby, so when they bring the baby to Amecet, at least the baby is safe. And in the two months  the baby is in Amecet, they can mourn and organize  someone in the clan to care for the baby. In those two months, the baby is stronger and will survive in in the village on cows milk. If we feel the baby is not stable and not gaining well, we agree together with the family, to keep the baby a bit longer in Amecet. But baby Gift and baby Zerida are doing very well and the family was happy to come and pick them. It is such a joy, to give those baby's back to the family, we are thankful to play a small part in the life of the child, knowing that the big part is now starting and that role is for the family!!

Two other new baby's were also brought recently, Stephen and Sandra. Both baby's lost their mother.

We encourage the family to come and visit them, while they are with us. Both baby's are doing well.

And sometimes we see those children back...... Rose came to visit us, she is 8 years old and goes to the 4th class of Primary school. She was brought in Amecet as a small new born baby... and see here, what a beautiful girl she has become. Her grandmother cares for her and she is doing a great job, but I am thankful that we could do that little bit in the beginning of Rose's life...

The second picture is from Martin, he was in Amecet in 2005, when he was 4 years old. He was paralyzed and had big, deep, infected wounds. We were able to help him with those wounds and we could give him a wheelchair. Martin came by to visit me and he told me his life story.. It had not been easy, but he was able to go to school with the help of another organisation. Now he works with the local radio as a reporter!!!! I am impressed by his enthusiasm and his positive attitude. It was so special to meet Martin after 18 years!! It encouraged me, that we have been used by God to play a role in his life so many years ago..  It is worth all the difficult times!!!

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Prachtige verhalen. Gelukkig hebben jullie ook veel moois om op terug te kijken. Keep up the good work!