On the road again....... Road???

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Yesterday we had a long trip to the villages, we went for different issues, first we brought Grace back home. And it was a bumpy ride... You can see on the picture how small the "roads" are at times, not more than a bicycle track. Some of the homes are really deep in the village and we even had to walk at the end to come to the home. The car couldn't  reach.

In June we went to visit Grace at home, Grace was one of the children who came every two weeks for our outpatients help. We give porridge flour, sugar and soap or when they are very small, milk money. These are children who have a mother, grandmother or aunt who cares for them. They don't need to be taken into Amecet, but we help them with some nutritional supplements. And we weigh them when they come to see if they do well. We had missed Grace for some weeks and we saw in our records that had not done so well. So we went to see her at home. Grace is 2,5 years old, but her weight was 5 kg. She is small and she can't sit, talk  and hardly reacts on people. The grandmother cares for her, since the mother had gone away. She was malnourished. Together with the grandmother we agreed that we would take her to Amecet to treat the malnutrition and to asses her condition. Out of the story of the grandmother, we think that Grace had cerebral malaria. She could only drink, so we gave her special milk and after some time we tried porridge. We also took her to the Physiotherapy in Soroti hospital and they showed us what kind of exercises we could do with her. Grace hated the exercises, but we saw she became less stiff and we also saw a change in her emotions. She reacted on us, she could smile and we put her in a small chair to sit for some time. She got several problems, malaria, she had tremors, we took her for those also to the doctor, but the medicines didn't make a difference. We started her on mashed food, which she likes, but you need to be very patient when you feed her. then we decided to try to get her a special chair and with the help of the Physiotherapy, they made  a chair for her.. 

Yesterday we brought her home to her grandmother, with the chair!! She has gained 2 kg, is responding more, she likes to sit in the chair and she can eat mashed food. We would have loved to help her more, like standing  or talking, but this is all we could do..

The neighbours came to see her and they were all happy to have her back. We gave some explanation about the feeding and the exercises, that it is good to put her every day some time in the chair, but not too long. We gave the matrass, a mosquito net, some clothes and porridge flour and sugar. We left her and we continued our journey.

Sorry not the best picture, it was hard to get everybody in, while driving on the bumpy roads... But this is the team who went to the village yesterday, from left to right: Pius, Els, Andrew and Simon. After bringing Grace back home, we went to prepare the re-settling form two other children and we stopped by the Police in one of the sub-counties to get more information about the relatives of a small baby they referred to us.

We  took 7 hours in total, it was a long, dusty and bumpy ride, but all in all it was a successful day!!

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