This week 6 children went back home...

Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2023 om 19:28

Faith (5), James (3) and Jeremiah (2) were brought to Amecet around 6 weeks ago. Left, you can see how they came in. The two brothers were malnourished, they had oedema and they were miserable and unhappy. The older sister was not really malnourished, but it was better to take her also into Amecet, otherwise she would be alone in the house. The father was away a lot, trying to get work. At first, the boys lost weight, the oedema disappeared, after that they started to gain. We brought Faith to Harmony Preschool every morning, she liked it a lot. In the meantime our social workers tried to work with the father, together they looked to several options for the children, but it did not really work out well. The children went back to the father . They live in Soroti district, we will keep an eye on them by visiting them regularly at home.

The twin girls Christine and Rose came to Amecet around 3 months ago. The mother had passed away after giving birth to the two little girls. Two little baby's without a mother is risky, it is difficult for the family, so they ask Amecet for help. We took the girls into our home. They didn't drink very well in the beginning, so we had to give them a NG tube and we fed them thru the tube. After some time, they started to drink by themselves and they gained weight very well. Today the father and the aunt came to pick them. They are doing very well, smiling, but they can also scream..... We prayed for them and for the family who will care for them from now on. 

The last child who went home is Mary Gorretti. She was brought by her mother, referred by the doctor in the health centre. Mary G. was also malnourished with oedema. On the first picture you can see how  unhappy she was, wow, she could cry..... She first lost weight, because the oedema disappeared through the protein she was getting. She started to gain, started to get stronger and she started to play.. She loved to be out with the aunties and the older children.. Today her mother came to pick her, she lives quite far and she only got money once to come and visit her daughter. She loves her child and it was such a joy to give her back her daughter, so much more healthy and happy!!

It is a bit quiet now in Amecet.... we always miss the children when they are gone back home, but it is so good to see the children going back healthy and happy!! We are ready for new children and we pray that it will go well with Faith, James, Jeremiah, Christine, Rose and Mary Gorretti while they are back home. We sometimes worry a bit, but the children belong at home, not in a children's home... We will visit the children we worry about.. For now, we pray for their families for provision and protection!!

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