22 years CELEBRATION.....

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This picture is taken in our Amecet compound on 19th of January at 7 am.... We are busy dressing the chairs, they already set up the tents and the people who are doing the decoration are also busy. It was an exciting day, we had invited all the government official who are working with children issues, in the 10 districts of the Teso region. We had a nice program and after the program, the invited guests could visit the Amecet home and there was a nice lunch prepared for them. It was a big venue for us to organize, we started with planning in September 2023, but today at last the day had started....

I just share with you some pictures, so you have an idea of how it went.. The Amecet staff looked great, in their new blue T-shirts and they were al over the place... I am so proud of them, they worked hard. We had of course, children in the home, they looked after them, they sang, they danced, they helped serving food, ushered people to their chair.... They were the Best!!!! We had expected some more guests, but I believed that the people who came were key people in working with children, there were Probation Officers, Community workers, Police who work with family and children, Health workers, Health Inspector, L.C. 5 and the Mayor of Soroti west. The Guest of Honor was Doctor Florence, a senior pediatrician, who has been a big help in the health of the children of Amecet. in the past and even still now. She had a speech and she cut our cake, together with 4 young people, who have been among our first children in the past. They all four shared their experiences with Amecet and their dreams for the future. 

With one dance of our Amecet staff, the guests joined in. It was a great picture!!

The M.C., Mr. Ekalam,                   Sam Kisolo                                     Julius Gama                                Doctor Florence                             Pastor Ekou

retired Probation Officer             YWAM Uganda Leader               YWAM Soroti Leader                  Guest of Honor

Mary, Francis, Issa and Vicky were children staying in Amecet in 2002 -2005, they shared their experiences and also their dreams, we prayed for them....

Tour through Amecet, everywhere were staff members available to answer questions.

The last of the program was a nice meal, which everybody enjoyed.

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