ALMOST full house......

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It is full in Amecet, we have 24 children in our home, 5 toddlers and 19 baby's!!! We are busy and lots of laundry!!! In the month January we received 5 new children, but this month, in February, we already received 9 new children and we are only half way... They all come with sad stories,  Several of them lost their mother at birth.. one mother gave birth at home, on her own and after the baby was born, she bled to death, help came too late. We have one baby, who was part of twins, her twin brother died in the womb at 4 months pregnancy. The mother gave birth to both baby's and died herself. There are a couple of children whose mother has a mental problem and the relatives asked us to keep the baby, because the baby was not safe with the mother.... This is so sad, the person who should  be the most safe person in a child's life, can't give that because of a sickness.! Last week the police brought two toddlers to Amecet, we think they are 2 and 3 years old. They were abandoned in the hospital (and they were not registered there!) They had a bag with them and we found ARV medicines in the bag. We tested them and one of them is HIV+. Our Social workers have been trying to find their relatives, they have a lead, so we think we can find the mother, and the other relatives of the two boys.. Another boy was brought to us and it looked that he has been abused, he has many wounds (0ld and new) on his body, he is very malnourished. And he is so sad....

These are some of our new children we have received in last few weeks... After my last blog, I got several reactions on the post. And we appreciate that so much! We really need your prayers and support, it encourage so much!! Thank you very much for standing with us. People also wanted to know how all the twins are doing. They are all still with us and are doing fair...

These are oldest twins, Grace and Faith. They are doing well, there are a lot of problems with them, they have holes in their hearts and  and problems with breathing, but we see a big change, they are now in the normal baby room, Grace has been for months in our medical room and on oxygen a lot.. They are gaining weight ( 3,1 and 4.1 kg.) You can really see the difference of the one kg. between the two. But they smile and react on people. We can see them growing every week!! We have the plan to re-settle Faith first back with her mother and then later Grace will follow...

Here we see Abraham and Joseph, they are now 8 weeks old. When they came in Amecet, their weight was 1.2 and 1.05 kg. Today their weight is 1.9 and 1.6 kg and that is in just over 3 weeks. It is going so slow, but they gain, just some grams per day.. It is hard sometimes, you want them to go faster, because when they are gaining they will be also stronger and less vulnerable.. But  Grace and Faith were also this small...... So we are patient and take one day at the time. The two boys are in our medical room, so they are not with the other baby's on the room. But Joseph got some diarrhea this week, you have to be so alert and careful with them.

And our last set of twins, Emmanuel and John, they are 7,5 weeks old, born on Christmas day. They are also gaining, Emmanuel is 3.4 kg and John is 3.3 kg. They are doing well, but we do have had a lot of sickness with them,  One got malaria and at first didn't react on the medication and the other boy got a lung infection, but they kept gaining, even they were sick!! It makes you very alert and careful, if those little one's get a sickness, it can go very wrong... I am thankful for our medical staff, who have been really working hard during the last 6 weeks!! 

You can image that, with feeding 19 baby's every 3 hours, you need a dedicated staff to care for them!! And I am so thankful for our staff, they even find the time to cuddle and play with them, because that is part of the caring for the children...

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Corrie Goudswaard
5 maanden geleden

Wat een zorg ligt er op jullie schouders ,ik bid dat G’d helpt dragen en mensen jullie helpen met doneren

5 maanden geleden

Lees zo graag de journaals van je Els. Wat zal het een grote impact voor je personeel zijn om alles op rolletjes te laten verlopen. Dacht iid ook regelmatig aan de 3 tweelingen. Is het gelukt genoeg voeding en luiers te verzamelen.
En dan al die mishandelde kindjes ... Vind het zo verdrietig.
Enorm veel sterkte daar. Jullie zijn in mijn gedachten.