Amecet Story 7. Introducing our Social Team...

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Meet our 3 Musketeers, our Social Workers. They are the back bone of our Home! We have 2 Social Workers, Pius and Simon) and 1 Counsellor (Andrew) On the picture they sit in the office (L. to R,) Andrew, Pius and Simon. They do a lot of work, often outside the home. When a child is abandoned somewhere, they go there and they talk with the people in the area, they hang up posters with the picture of the child and ask people who know the relatives to call us.

They work often together with the Police and the Probation Officer (child protection) they follow leads, sometimes deep in the village, to find relatives. We get sometimes called by health workers, about children in the village, who are in a serious condition, Our social team will go there to investigate, and if necessary, bring the child to Amecet. They re-settle children back with their relatives after their stay in Amecet. They also go to monitor the child, when the child is back in the village, not every child, but there are some situations, we are not sure that the child will cared for well, so they go to see and talk and advice the relatives.

Andrew, Pius and Simon also help with distributing seeds and ground nuts to the needy families to plant in their gardens. When the rains are starting they bring the seeds around in the villages, they know where the children live and on the next visit to the children they inspect the gardens. 

Amecet is blessed with these 3 men, besides the Social work, they do all kind of other things in and around the home. Andrew goes every 2 weeks to the prison, to visit the mothers who are in with their children. he gives some nutritional support and encourage them with advice. 

The cars are also maintained by them, Simon and Andrew take them for the servicing and when something is wrong then they take the car for repair.

Pius takes care of all the Care Orders from Court. All the children in Amecet need to get a Care Order from the Court and Pius  makes sure that we get them. He also helps with writing reports and goes to meetings in Soroti with Police etc. together with Simon. If something is broken or needs to be renovating in Amecet home, they are the ones organising it!

They love children and very often you find them comforting a child in their bed, who was crying. God really brought them to Amecet with a purpose and they fit into the Home. We pray that the three of them may continue to be a blessing to Amecet and the children...  

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