Anna Grace is fighting for her life..

Gepubliceerd op 24 augustus 2018 om 15:11

Anna Grace is now 11 days old, but she was born 10 weeks too early!!!  At first she did well, she started to breath on her own and her temperature was stabilising, but then....  She developped a fever, all her other vital signs were normal, after some tests it showed that there is an infection in her intestines. Being born at the side of the road brings a lot of extra dangers... She was put on I.V. medication and we were very alert on her. Yesterday we stopped all the feeding by NG tube and only gave her I.V. fluids. This morning we started with a little bit formula milk by NG tube.. You see on the picture above how she holds my finger, she is too weak to really hold it, I feel that is how she hangs on life, she is almost too weak to fight. Please join us in prayer to stand for her....... The picture under in just taken right now, she is very weak and there is still some temperature. On and off her saturation drops, but there is still hope!!!!!

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