Five children are going home......

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Today we celebrated the going home of 5 children!!! It is always such a joy, to see them go, healthy and happy! There were 4 bigger children leaving and one small one. Our social workers, Simon and Elias are bringing them home. They have been working at this for a while. The children came from different villages and some could not go back to their old home. It would not have been safe for them. One boy was kidnapped and sold by his father to be sacrificed, another girl was raped by her HIV+ stepfather. But we are so happy that she is HIV-, she was put on ARV's for 1 month and several tests were done, but she is negative!!! She also never had gone to school before, she went for the first time to school, while in Amecet, and she did so well. So in the talking, that Simon and Elias have done with the relatives, they made sure that the children will continue their schooling. Two of the children came in Amecet, when they were quite sick and malnourished, they were both HIV+. But now they have gained a lot and they are active and playing and they do well on the ARV's, prescribed by the doctor. We will keep visiting them and checking on them and their relatives, that they keep taking their medicines and go to the clinic for their reviews. You can read some of their stories in the blog of June 6, 2018 (the tears of the little people). 

Paul, the little two year old boy, is also going home. He was brought to Amecet by another organization. You can read about that in the blog of July 5, 2018. He was malnourished, swollen with oedema and needed even blood transfusion. He refused to eat, so we had to feed him by NG tube. A lot has changed!!! He is now the first one at the table for his porridge and he is a happy fellow, always playing and smiling! Simon and Elias have been in contact witrh the grandmother, who is willing and capable to help the mother to care for Paul! We will miss him.....


And here they go, they were a bit scared at first, to go back, home, but now they are excited!!! 

We give them all a matrass, mosquitonet, some clothes, porridge flour and sugar home.

We also gave them note books for school, with pencils, so they were very happy to go home with all those things. We pray that they will be well and that they get used to life in the village again.

Silivia, Daniel, Okello, Harriet and Paul, we wish you a happy life, we keep praying for you and we keep in touch!!

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