We have now 2 mini baby's....

Gepubliceerd op 31 augustus 2018 om 16:34

It goes well with little Anna Grace. Her infection is gone and she is gaining a little bit, her weight is now 1.5 kg!!! Her temperature is good, her saturation is good, we do still feed her by NG tube, but she takes it well. Since some hours she has a little friend!!! I was called by the maternity ward from Soroti Hospital, that a mother passed away this morning and she left a small premature baby boy behind... I went to the hospital and talked with the father, who was very thankful that we wanted to help. The baby is 5 days old, but was born 4 weeks too early and is very small. The mother had been very sick and their plan was to go for further investigations after the baby was born. And now the mother died... The baby is called Stephen (after his father!) and his weight is 1.550 kg,  so he is 50 grams more than Anna Grace. We are using Pre mature milk formula for him as well as for Anna Grace. We have now 2 mini baby's in our medical room. We keep them seperate from the others, to keep them warm and more protected. Pls. keep praying for them

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