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Not a very happy crew...

Gepubliceerd op 5 maart 2019 23:40

Frances (left) and David are two new toddlers, brought to Amecet. They are both malnourished. David was brought to Amecet by his mother. She wanted to leave him with us, she came without any papers and we felt it was too risky to take him in, even he needed help. The mother was separated from her husband and had gone back to her own home. We talked with the mother and explained that she should come back with the letter from the local leader and a relative. She did and we talked and decided to take him into Amecet.  Yesterday, Frances was brought by the Police. His story is sad, his parents also separated and the mother left, Frances was left with the father and a new stepmother, who had abused him. He is also malnourished and has wounds on his body.

We have seen smiles from David ( he is now 3 days with us) but Frances is not happy at all, he cried the whole night and nothing could stop him, he is angry and irritable. At the moment he sits in a children chair next to me in the office, I found a music box that he likes and he sits with it in his hands. There will be a lot of work to be done, when the boys are healthy and hopefully smiling and playing again, our social workers will work with the family, so that they can both go back to a safe environment. 

We also have good news!!!! I have been writing about Christine, she was so small and sick, had several infections, but she is doing so much better. Between the 2 pictures above are only 4 weeks!! She is drinking herself now and she is gaining!!

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Had een heel verhaar geschreven. Werd niet geaccepteerd.
Hoop dat deze 2 jongens gauw gaan wennen aan de nieuwe omgeven. Gaan voelen dat jullie het beste met ze voor hebben. Zou zo graag deel uit maken van de groep, die ze mag gaan verzorgen en troosten. Bid om kracht voor hen en julkie