A day of home visits in the village..

Gepubliceerd op 15 juli 2020 om 17:44

Because of Covid 19, we do not go so often to the villages. But today we went, my daughters, Mary and Helen went with us,  because one of the children we went to see was Daniel!!!!  Around 6 weeks ago, Simon and I brought him back to his grandmother, you can read that in the blog of May 29.

We were curious how Daniel would be, we had contact by mobile phone with the neighbour, but we wanted to see how he was doing, with our own eyes. He looked good, there were some rashes, but for the rest he was fine. He looked at us, and was thinking very hard, "where do know I know these people from?".. You can see his face thinking on the picture... We talked with the grandmother, and asked her how it was going with the medicines. Simon asked her to show how she gave the medicines and she showed (picture right). She id it perfectly good!! And she also knew the exact date to come to Soroti for the next dose of them! She will come then to Amecet and we will go with her to the doctor, so she will learn. Daniel was not so open to us, but that is good, he now belongs home and it would not be right if he wanted to come with us, back to Amecet. Helen was a little sad, she really loved Daniel and now he seemed to have forgotten her... 

On the left picture, you can see a high way in the village, it is a long straight road, and you can drive quite good on it, not too many holes and bumps, but then we had to go on a side road and that is VERY bumpy, we even had to go through a small water, the cows were drinking there, but they let us go through. You can imagine that you have to have a real good car (and a good driver!) to drive on this kind of roads, with water and mud.


But sometimes the car can't go all the way to the house, and today we had to walk the last part. It was really beautiful, we kind of walked up and we had a great view!

It is very green (and muddy), because of the rains and everywhere, the gardens are being made ready and been planted with different crops.







The second (and last) visit was to a family which was referred to us by another organization. We had never seen the family before, it was good that we picked a man from the road, who knew the family and brought us there. 

It was a grandmother (at the right) and we came to check on her grandson. After talking with them we felt both that we should not take him to Amecet. He belongs with his family, playing with his brother, but we had some concerns about him. Later on we called the organization who referred him to us, I explained that we didn't feel we should help him in Amecet. They will do the follow-up, the organization works in the village and visit children in their homes.

All in all it was a good day and we were happy that Daniel was doing well. In the villages you don't see face masks, we were the only ones to wear them. The people live isolated and far from town. We need to be careful when we visit them!




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