A premature, stolen baby....

Gepubliceerd op 21 juli 2020 om 17:44

Today the police arrived at Amecet with this baby.... It is a little baby girl with the weight of 1.2 kg........ The baby was stolen, but it is unknown from where. Concerned people brought the baby with the lady, who claimed to be the mother, to the police. They told the police that they never saw the lady pregnant, the lady had no breastfeeding and after being examined by a doctor it was confirmed that the lady could not have given birth 3 days ago, as she said... The police brought the baby to Amecet and will investigate where the baby comes from. When I saw the little girl, I felt so sad and also a kind of angry, who could take a little baby like this ?? It is a pre-mature baby, and she is very weak, she was not fed for hours...... I took her directly to the doctor (our neighbours) and she was diagnosed with a septic cord and low temperature. She got a cannula and is put on antibiotics via the I.V. we laid her in our incubator, so she is more protected and also more warm. When I fed her, she drank 30 ml!! She was so hungry, she cries, that is also a good sign. 

After drinking and being put in the incubator, her temperature started to get better, our nurse, Ruth is giving her the medication and we prayed for her.

Pls. join us in prayer for this little girl, we gave her the name Esther, we pray that the medication will help her and that she will start growing and get stronger.

On Friday the Probation officer and the Police brought those 5 girls to Amecet. They were taken from the bus, they were being trafficked to work. We don't know what kind of work, but we do know that the possibility is there that they end up as sex workers. They are from the North of Uganda, from Karomoja. Their ages were 13 - 15 years. The police asked us if we could take them in for now and they would organize how to bring them back to their  homes. The girls don't speak English or Atesso, it was not easy to have suddenly 5 big girls in the house. But we found some clothes and our laundry lady is from Karamoja,  so she could help us to make them a bit relaxed. They did enjoy the food and the beds, but they were homesick...So we were all happy when the police from their area came, to pick them on Monday afternoon, to bring them back to their families. I hope they learned a lesson and will not try again...

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