Meet our two new baby's: Samuel and Samuel..

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This week two new baby's were brought to Amecet. The first baby was brought by his mother and a nurse from the HIV baby clinic in Soroti Hospital. The baby was 2,5 months old and his name was Samuel. The mother was HIV+ and was not doing so well, her Viral Load was very high, so she could not give breastfeeding to her baby. The nurse asked us if we could help the mother, by taking Samuel for some time in Amecet. .... 



Samuel looked malnourished, weak and sick, he felt as if he had a temperature. The mother was sick as well and when we would take Samuel in Amecet for some time, the mother could get  her energy in getting stronger. They had taken tests from Samuel and they were HIV-, so that was good. We talked with the mother and she was happy with us taking Samuel for a while. We filled all the papers and the mother left. We took Samuel to the doctor and he was put on I.V. medication, but they couldn't get a vein, they tried and tried and he ended up with a canulla in his head...  I felt for the little man... He was hungry and wanted to drink, but after drinking 40 ml. he started to vomit. His stomach was not used to drinking milk. the mother mostly gave him some porridge because she had no milk.  So we fed him frequently but small amounts. And after 2 days he could drink better and more. He doesn't smile yet, cries a lot, but we see him getting more relax and he is gaining already.



Three days ago another baby was brought, the baby was only several hours old. The story was heart breaking. The mother had given birth to the baby in the night, at home. She was alone with an 11 year old son. After she had given birth, there was a lot of bleeding, maybe by that time the boy had gone out (in the middle of the night) to get help, but when people came, she had died. She had cut the cord herself, the baby was alive, but she was gone. The sad thing is that the mother was known as drinking too much, even that evening, she had been drinking.... So early in the morning two friends of the mother and her brother came with the baby to Amecet. They didn't know who the father was..... We asked the brother to give the little baby a name and he named him Samuel!!!!

So we got two Samuels within one week.....

We took the little baby to the doctor, he was put on I.V. medication for 3 days, just to be sure, as he was born in such difficult circumstances. He drinks well and we hope that he will gain soon. The family was going to bury the mother and sit together as a clan, to see who will care for the little boy. And also who will care for the bigger boy, who witnessed all what happened that night. We pray that the baby doesn't get any withdrawal symptoms..



Baby Elka went back to his relatives on Thursday. He was been one month with us. The mother passed away, some days after the delivery. the grandmother was so shocked after that, that she couldn't care for the baby. So the hospital requested our help, until the grandmother recovered. And that happened, they were very happy to receive him and so thankful that we were able to help.

Elka is short of Elkanah, the father of Samuel (in the Bible). So the circle is round.....


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