Baby found in a paper bag....

Gepubliceerd op 9 maart 2021 om 19:50

This morning a newborn baby was found in the bush. It was in a part of Soroti, not far from  Amecet . The baby was naked, still connected with the placenta and was put in a paper cement bag. people found the baby around 10 am and they called the Police, some women tied and cut the cord and the baby was brought to Amecet. It was a beautiful, newborn baby girl. She was a bit cold, we took her directly to the doctor  and her cord was re-tied and re-cut. She was given a canulla and is started on I.V. medication. Because of being in such a dirty place and we don't know how and where she was born, she is very vulnerable to sepsis. Her weight is 2.1 kg, she doesn't drink very good, but we give her some time. She is fed now every two hours and we keep her nice and warm. It makes me so sad, seeing this lovely little girl, and knowing that she was thrown away in an old cement bag. Nobody should be coming in this world and be treating like this. I pray that God will protect this little girl, we gave her the name Hannah, which means "favour" or "grace". 


At the same time that baby Hannah was found, I got a phone call from the hospital, there was a young mother (16 years) who had given birth to a baby boy by an operation, some 10 weeks ago. The mother got an infection and was very sick. This morning she was going for her fourth operation. The grandma was trying to care for the mother and the baby, but there was no milk and to be next to his very sick and sepsis mother, was not so very good for this baby. The nurse asked if we could help by caring for the baby, while the grandmother could focus on the sick mother. I drove to the hospital and after talking with the grandmother, I came back in Amecet, together with little Jonathan. He is 10 weeks old and is a cute little man. He is not in a very bad shape. He drinks very good and is a happy fellow. Pls. pray for his mother, that she will recover.

So we got two new baby's on one day. It has been a bit quiet the last month. We are still closed for visitors and we only take younger children in. The staff gets out on their free day, but for the rest they are all living intern. It has not been an easy time for them, but they are a blessing to the children and have been working hard. At the moment, we don't have a cook, cleaner or laundry ladies, so they have been doing that also, next to the care for the children. We are receiving sometimes packets with clothes, mostly they are for the children, but sometimes there are also adult clothes in them. I keep them aside and today I lay them all out on the table and invited the staff to take what they wanted. They were very happy and we had a lot of fun. I thank God for our staff and pray that He will bless them and keep them!

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