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Lots of things are happening, in Amecet, our days are not boring at all!! Some children went home, the picture above is Nalibe, he was brought by the Probation office (children protect unit) from another district. His mother has passed away and he was so vulnerable. His father came to pick him and was very happy to see him so healthy and smiling.

Last week we brought another little boy back to his mother, this was Richard. At the left you see the picture when he came. He was rescued out of a pit latrine. His mother, very young, had been so desperate and threw him into the latrine. Someone heard a baby crying and they rescued him before drowning. Via the Police, Richard came in Amecet. The Police went searching and they found the mother. She was taken into custody and later to the prison, here in Soroti.

Our Social worker, Elias, went to talk with her about her baby, she didn't want her baby, was not interested in him at all. Some weeks later, he went again to talk to her and she had a change of heart. After discussions with the wardens it was decided that we would re-settle her baby with her in the prisons'.  It is not the best place for a baby, but here she would have supervision, to see how the relationship would develop between the mother and Richard. To see if Richard would be safe with her. So on Friday, Elias brought Richard (see picture at the right) back to his mother. She was very happy to see her baby and we have good hopes that she will love him and care for him... There is grace for all of us, we all make mistakes and receive grace, we are grateful that this story made probably a happy end!


This is a complete other subject...... About 6 months ago we got the opportunity to buy some 50 chickens. We remodeled the place where we started with the cows, in Amun home. They were to be special chicken for laying eggs. It took almost 6 months to see them starting to lay eggs, some were roosters, so no eggs from them... We are going to sell the roosters and we buy then more chickens.

Here you see the first 4 trays of eggs from our own chickens, it started slow, but now every  day we get some eggs! No more buying eggs for us now!!

This are three new baby's who were brought to Amecet. Left is Grace, in the middle Moses and then Agatha. 

The last baby was brought yesterday and right now there is a fourth baby on the way... All four baby's lost their mother after the delivery. The families are grieving and the new born baby's at risk. We are glad that we can stand with them and care for the little one's for some time. All these 3 baby's will go back to their relatives...

In the last blog, I wrote about baby James. He was quite sick and was on IV fluids and medication and on oxygen. I am very, very happy to tell you that he is doing much better. As you can see on the picture here. He is still not drinking well, so we use a NG tube and feed him through that. On this picture he is showing off his new suit... we got some awesome gifts, send from the Netherlands with very small baby clothes (size 40 and 42!) also the small size NG tube and a small vein viewer, which would help us to find the veins of very small baby's easier. We are so grateful to Trijinie and Klaaske, who blessed us so much.

However I want to ask your help for another need we have. last week, when James was on oxygen we had a crisis during the night. The electricity went off, this is not something new, but we had a baby on the oxygen machine, which needs electricity. We have Solar for those times, but....the solar didn't work. We have another backup, the generator....... It was tried the day before, so no problem.... I got a phone call at 1 am, the generator didn't work.... so there was a serious problem. Uganda still has a curfew from 7 pm until 5 am. I couldn't call anybody to go and help.. I called every hour to Amecet to hear how James was doing, and he was doing good, he kept his oxygen level high and he made it through the night. The next morning we directly checked and fixed the generator. We got a specialist in Solar to come and asses the solar panels, batteries and cables of the solar system.

The generator works again but the solar needs new batteries and some other things replaced. We knew that the batteries are only working for 5 or 6 years. Ours are older, but the prices are high and we didn't have the money. But I don't want the children being at risk, the generator is not as safe as the solar. Rats can eat the cables of the generator (which is outside) or rain can give problems. 

Pls. can you help us to replace the batteries and make the solar system work again??? We have already a part of the total costs, but it is not enough....

You can send your gift on the bank account of:  de Figurant in Goes, the Netherlands

Iban: NL26ING0000003238      Bic: INGBNL2A

with the Quote: Solar Amecet

Bless you all!

I'll keep you informed....

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