Messach goes back to the village....

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Today was again a day with a miracle... we brought Messach back to his mother in the village!!!


Between these two pictures are 4,5 months, 3 kg. a lot of work in feeding, praying and caring for this very special baby Messach.. He was born on 15/6/2021 in Soroti Hospital. He was 3 months premature and his weight went down to 700 grams. He was in the special neonatal ward for 31 days. then he came to Amecet, that time his weight was 1 kg. (picture left). His mother, Catherine has been herself in Amecet when she was small, so I did feel a bit like a Tata (grandmother). I went to visit them many times when he was still in hospital and when he was in Amecet, I took him many times to the doctor for review. I felt so happy that I could travel with Simon, to bring him today to his mother in the village.  He is indeed a miracle baby!!!!


Catherine lives with her mother, deep in the village. It was a car drive of at least 1,5 hours. They were ready for him and we also have the confidence that they will be able to care for him. Messach has been tested for HIV, and he was negative!!! He is gaining slowly, but steady, his milestones are a bit behind, but they are coming.... He is not sickly and he drinks well, was even started on porridge. The mother, Catherine, was so happy, she just kept holding him, the grandmother sits next to her, she has two chickens on her lap, they were later given to us, as a thank you. And at the back is a neighbor/cousin, whose telephone number we have and who is keeping an eye on Messach as well.

Mission accomplished!!


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Geweldig om te Catherine en haar baby te zien!
Zoveel kostbare herinneringen ❤️