Today we brought 4 children back to their village...

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Today we could bring 4 children back to their families!!! Left is Samuel, he was not so happy,because normally it was his nap time, he didn't understand what was going on. Then we get the three brothers: Emmanuel, Dennis and Edmond. 

In July we picked Samuel in the village, together with his younger brother.. Samuel was very sick, weak, malnourished and anaemic. His feet were very swollen, he only could sit and lay down. He was very unhappy. We started treatment and special feeding and slowly Sam started to live again.

See the two pictures, what a big difference we see in Sam. He started to crawl and now he is starting to walk (he is 19 months old) When I see his beautiful eyes, full of life and joy, then I am so thankful to be part of this ministry...  Sad to tell that 4 weeks ago, Samuel's brother suddenly died. We brought the little body home to bury. That is why is was so good to bring Samuel back today. The neighbors came and they couldn't believe that this was the same Samuel. we pray that he will be a comfort to his mother...









Here is Samuel back in his family; left his mother, then the grandmother and the grandfather.

Then the three brothers: In September, an other organisation asked us if we could help with this family. Both parents are HIV+ and the children were not tested, they were all malnourished and sickly, everybody thought that the children might be all HIV+ too.. You can see the mother with Emmanuel, the youngest (10 months) on her lap, then the father, next to his the oldest boy Edmond (6 year), the daughter and then Dennis who is 2,5 years old. The girl looks good, she was taken by an uncle, that why she is looking better.

At first we took the two youngest boys, Emmanuel and Dennis, they were both weak, sick and severe malnourished. We took them to Soroti, brought them to the doctor. Several tests were done, they got medication for their infections, but they were both HIV-!!!!!! Three weeks later the uncle brought Edmond as well, he was also very weak and malnourished, we took him for testing and he was HIV- too. That was really so good! 

The boys picked up quite well, since we knew they were all free of the HIV virus, it was just the feeding and treating their infections. They started to play, walk around (except the little Emmanuel) and soon they were all over the place. Dennis, (left) was very naughty, but we were able to teach him to listen and to obey when we told him to. Edmond , the oldest (at the back) loved to play with the bicycle, but found it difficult to listen to the aunties....

They are going back so different, full of life and some kg. heavier... We felt that we should not let them stay too long. They would start feeling too comfortable and their life is in the village. Our mission was to see if they were HIV+ and to treat their infections and fight their undernourishment. We did that all, with keeping them with us, it would be harder to get used again to the village life.

The parents are struggling, the good thing is that there is an uncle who keeps an eye on the family and we hope that the children will be an encouragement to the parents.



Here is the father, receiving his three boys back home. It will be an adjustment to them, but they are so much stronger now. 

Helen (right) went together with Elias and Simon to bring them back.


We pray for the boys that they will adjust fast back home. It was a joy to see them all come to live  and to see the sparkles in their eyes again. 

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Ineke Knoeff
3 jaar geleden

What a miracle that the boys are hiv-!! I pray that the parents will receive new encouragement and joy in life by seeing these healthy boys.